She may have sung to "put your money where your mouth is" but it was Katy Perry's New Zealand promoters who fronted the costs of her excessive demands during her short tour early this month.

According to a 45-page list of demands which she forced on the Katy Perry's World Tour 2011, the singer outlawed carnations and ordered her chauffeur not to stare at her in the rear-view mirror.

Her New Zealand publicist, Bridget Delaunay, said:
"It's not unusual for an artist of her calibre to have a fairly detailed rider, especially if they've been on the road for quite a while."

According to a copy of the rider, the 26-year-old pop star's dressing room had to be "piped and draped in cream and soft pink", and fitted out with two cream-coloured egg chairs, six folding chairs and a "perspex modern-style" coffee table.

And her refrigerator was to have a glass door.

As well as decor requirements, the performer demanded that the dressing room always have an arrangement of fresh flowers comprising "white and purple hydrangeas, pink and white roses, and peonies".

If those flowers were not available, she would settle for seasonal white flowers "to include white orchids".

However, the rider read that there must be "ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS" and the warning was heavily underlined to ensure the message was understood.

Perry also required a bowl of organic fruit - specifically apples, bananas, oranges and grapes - as well as dry-roasted edamame beans (young soy beans), lightly salted.

The contract's fine print read that the country's promoter had to agree "to furnish at his sole expense".

There was also a 23-point policy which her drivers had to adhere to, which dictated that they were not allowed to start a conversation with Perry, stare at her in the rear-view mirror or "ask for autographs or pictures, especially while driving".

Perry also decreed that she stay in a 5-star hotel in the presidential suite, with five junior suites and approximately 45 single rooms for her tour company.

She asked for a free internet connection and complimentary breakfasts for her party.

Perry spent just over a week in New Zealand with a crew of about 15 people when she performed three sold-out shows - two in Auckland's Vector Arena and one in Wellington's TSB Arena.

While here, Perry bungy-jumped off the Harbour Bridge with a Kiwi fan and kept her followers informed about her travels via Twitter.

After she explored the Waitomo Caves, she tweeted: "I just survived the black abyss and saw glow worms! I love New Zealand - it's beautiful!"

* Chauffeurs must not stare at her in rear-view mirror.
* A dressing room "piped and draped in cream and soft pink".
* A fridge with a glass door.
* A bowl of organic fruit.
* Absolutely no carnations.

* Queen (the band): Mud wrestling shows.
* Cher: A separate room for her wigs.
* Van Halen: A bowl of M&Ms, brown ones removed.