Ray McCully's suggestion (Letters, July 4) is brilliant and it could be such a bonus for not only cyclists . . . like in the USA where everyone enjoys these walkways.

Eventually constructing it right around Lake Rotorua would be such an attraction to locals and visitors alike.


A new skate park is great. What would be better would be a deep diving pool and a hydro slide. Rotorua has not had a deep diving facility since the floor of the Blue Bath main pool was raised in the early 1960s. There was a privately owned hydro slide next to the race course but that place shut down over 20 years ago.


Perhaps a public/private partnership could make this a bit less of a cost to the ratepayers of Rotorua.


I am absolutely outraged at the scandalous behaviour of our Government, how dare they offer our taxpayers' money to the cathedral in Christchurch!

The cathedral belongs to the church and to Christchurch- so let them pay for it, why should taxpayers in the rest of New Zealand have to fork out for something that such a small number of the population are privy to?

There are far too many things in the country that urgently need financial support; pensioners who gained very little, if anything, from the latest Budget, kids living in poverty, too high prices in the food stores, overpriced petrol. It is time this travesty involving the church came to an end, many of us have had enough.