Fruit and vegetables could be an alternative to oil and conventionally extracted natural gas as fuel. A pilot plant at Fraunhofer, set up by a project called ETAMAX, will use fruit and vegetable scraps to produce methane, which can be used to power vehicles.

Augmented reality surgery

With CAMDASS (computer assisted medical diagnosis and surgery system) there will always be a doctor in the house if a medical emergency strikes. This system, designed primarily for astronauts, will allow people untrained in medical procedures to perform medical interventions. CAMDASS comprises a 3D head-mounted display, an infrared camera and an ultrasound device.

3D printed jaw implant

An 83-year-old woman has become the first to have a 3D-printed lower-jaw implant. The collaborative design was tailored specifically to the patient, with the surgery taking place in June 2011.