Sometimes it's a good idea just to give somebody a refund.

On Thursday a French Apple store refused to give one of its customers his money back, and boy did he get his revenge.

He went into the store with a steel ball and calmly began destroying iPhones and a Macbook Air while onlookers froze with shock.

He placed the smartphones flat on the table and smashed them with the ball, one after another.


In a video posted to YouTube, he speaks in French about his rights as a customer and said he was unhappy with how Apple handled his case.

The Independent reports the man said "Apple is a company that violated European consumers' rights. They refused to reimburse me".

"I told them 'give me my money back' they said 'no'," the man said.

"So you know what is happening? This is happening."

He then proceeds to smash the expensive phones.

It is believed he caused almost $60,000 worth of damage in the store.

After leaving his trail of destruction, he was dragged away by security.

He later attempted to fight off the security guards but was arrested and placed in custody.