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1. Auckland, Guangzhou, Los Angeles
The first of the two-day annual Tripartite Economic Summic begins at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland. Three cities have come together: Auckland, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, all with the aim of furthering each other's interests in an alliance which takes the traditional sister city relationship to a new trade level. The summit is organised by Auckland Tourism, Events and Development and more than 400 delegates will hear from 55 speakers. One of the higher profile visitors is Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, in charge of an area with a population of 4 million people.

2. Tech week
Running from May 14 to 22 and featuring 52 events and 75 speakers, the theme is reshaping our world through design, innovation and technology. Some of today's events included the connected city with Nokia and JLL, Auckland University's napkin challenge and a workshop with Erik Rannala at GridAKL.


3. Court case
The case between Ralec and the NZX continues in the High Court in Wellington. This is its third week and former NZX boss Mark Weldon is expected to appear.

4. Services industry
The performance of services index for April is due out today. That is a monthly survey providing an early indicator of levels of activity in the New Zealand service sector.