A New Zealand filmed video of thousands of free range chickens streaming out of their pen into the great, wide open has turned into an unexpected YouTube hit.

The video shows the huge flock of hens darting outside at 8am for their daily run-around in a ten acre playground at Otaika Valley Free Range farm, south of Whangarei.

The clip has received quite an audience with more than 600,000 views online and growing. Many Canadian and American viewers have voiced their opinion, commenting on their "surprise" at the chickens living "such" a free lifestyle.

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Sales manager at the family-owned business, Otaika Valley, says the chickens daily routine is is always fantastic to see.

"We post videos all the time but this one has caught the eye of international websites - I think it's surprised a lot of people to see hens with lots of space," he said.

"It was only when we were inundated with overseas emails and Facebook posts we realised our farm had gone viral."

This 'Last one out's a chicken' video was posted two days after another New Zealand farming video, 'Lamb-pede', showing a flock of sheep blocking a road near Gisborne was posted to Facebook.