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Pam Corkery's Auckland bordello will have secret entrances to allow high-profile women discreet visits to her "six-star" brothel.

Corkery and her business partner Rebekah Hay are in the final stages of buying a building; they've narrowed it down to two but aren't saying which this week.

Part of the building's refurbishment will include several secret entrances to allow anonymity to high-profile women who fear they might be recognised.

Private backers had put up the "many millions" to buy a building, refurbish it and set up the business, Corkery said.

The bordello, known as "Pammy's", will house a beauty spa, a bar, eating area, dance floor and private spaces, and more than 25 rooms.

"You can go to the bar just for the evening to drink and dance but in the end all those boys there are for sale, so it's in their interest to give you a very good night," Corkery said.

Or, women could start off in the spa for a "Dead Sea salt exfoliating scrub with the beauticians and then decide to go and have a shimmy and a shandy upstairs. And should you still be having a good time, go up a further flight ..."

That's where services at $240 an hour will be provided between 500-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets in rooms designed to feel like an exclusive boutique hotel.

The transformation of Corkery and Hay's building into a "gorgeous" women-only club will be part of an eight to 10-part documentary which will be marketed overseas.

Captured too will be the "finishing school", training for the 60 hand-picked men who will work at the brothel. Lessons will include dress and presentation, how to dance and coaching in sexual techniques by two Wellington-based sex therapists.

"By the time they've been through (the training), these boys will be a delight," Corkery said. "They'll be everything you don't get at home."

The newly-trained men will be put through their paces by a "willing team of volunteers" from Corkery and Hay's circle of acquaintances.

The documentary, by Top Shelf Productions, will cover the creation of the brothel up to a grand opening-night party with "international guests".

While Prime Minister John Key might be invited for opening night, Corkery said, after that "he'd have to be for sale".

No men, apart from the trained bar staff and the bordello men, will be allowed.