Playboy clothing is again the most popular search item in New Zealand, but local star Karen Walker is narrowing the gap according to the latest TradeMe figures.

Returning to number one with 55,650 searches in May, Playboy is sitting pretty in the top spot again, said the online trader. But rocketing up from number 20 to number three with 30,253 searches, Karen Walker is poised to take the lead.

Trading fashion labels for light sabres, Star Wars debuted at number six with 23,397 searches. Online fantasy game Runescape makes its debut at number five with 25,454 searches, while back in our own galaxy Lions Tickets do battle at number 18.

The latest Neilsen//NetRatings figures show TradeMe had over 1.7 million unique NZ visitors in May, the website reported today. It claims to have over 1,000,000 New Zealand members and more than 390,000 current listings.