Morrissey has left fans in the US baffled after his best-selling memoir was released Stateside minus the details of his relationship with a male photographer.

The former The Smiths singer published his hotly-anticipated autobiography in the UK in October. The book hit headlines over a section in which the rocker confirms long-running rumours he had a relationship with snapper Jake Walters in the mid-1990s.

The tome, titled Autobiography, details several anecdotes involving Walters, and Morrissey writes movingly of their two years together, but in the US release, which was published on Tuesday, many details in the original book are missing or edited down.

A photograph of Walters as a boy has also been removed, and his name has been cut out of a story detailing a night out with The Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde.


A spokesman for the book's publishers had not responded to a request for comment as WENN went to press.

* Autobiography, by Morrissey, published by Penguin, is available now. RRP $30.