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Key Points:

We profile some of this year's debut performers and find out what the BDO means to them.

Tim Steers from The Lookie Loos
Who: Tim Steers (vocals, guitar), Dan Reese (guitar), Alex Mustard (bass), William Page (drums)

What: Influenced by Oasis, The Libertines, the Rolling Stones and more, the band describe their sound as "Jam on toast". Er, righto.

When they're playing: Local Produce stage, 1.15 to 1.45pm.

From: The 'Tron

Formed: 2007

Age: 20 - 23

When did you find out you would be playing at the BDO?

Well, we managed to wriggle our way onto a support tour for The Veils in November because the Coshercots pulled out of one their dates and we jumped on. The guy who organised that, Barry, he was the guy that booked people for the BDO. It was really good. He listened to us in Auckland and after we got back from Wellington he called up and said `We'd like to offer you a place on the bill.' We were so pleased, we couldn't believe it.

Have you been rehearsing or practising any new moves?

No, we're just going to go out and enjoy ourselves. Rock out and jump around and have a good time.

Has it always been a goal to play the BDO?

Yeah, definitely. I've had it as an ambition on my Bebo for the last two years. When I moved to New Zealand from England about three years ago, I started a course in music and before I started I said to Mum, "Wouldn't it be great if when I finish I could play the BDO." And lo-and-behold, here I am.

Have you been to the BDO before as a punter?

No, it's my first time. And it's my birthday as well. It's Dan's first time as well. William and Alex have been before though, they're old hats at it.

Have you been told what to expect?

Not really. The only person we've spoken to is one of the guys from Chuggernaut. He got talking to Dan and said they were one of the first bands on a couple of years ago. Even then there were heaps of people walking around.

Why should people make an effort to come and see you early in the day?

My word, that's a loaded question! Hopefully we'll be putting a good vibe to catch people's ear. There's going to be quite a few people to see us there from Hamilton, fans and stuff. We've got quite a bit of energy and the tunes are really good.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at this year's gig?

I really want to get a picture of Dizzee Rascal. Apart from that, Arcade Fire and Kate Nash are two I'm looking out for.

If you see them backstage will you go and talk to them?

Definitely. That's one of the things I'm quite proud about - I'll go and talk to anyone. I'll just worm my way in there, maybe sit down and have a bite to eat next to them and a chat. I'll get the cheesy photo and chuck it on the net...

Can you tell us what year the first BDO was held? Bonus points if you can name at least one of the performing acts.

'97?... [Rustling noises ensue as he asks someone else who played] Smashing Pumpkins.

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