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It's time to face the music

The arrogance of the Jazz Festival committee email is unbelievable.

The performers contracted to perform at the festival depend on their fees to live.

To brush these people to one side like that and say we'll pay you when we can is high-handed and utterly disgusting.

Arne Herrmann as a now failed director should step down immediately.<inline type="recurring-inline" id="1003" align="outside" enforce-sites="no" />

He and the committee were warned/advised by many people after the 2011 festival not to over commit themselves in 2012 but did they listen, they did not as they knew best.

Well the festival and their egos have now come back to bite them on the bum.

If the director and committee had any conscience they would be obtaining personal bank loans to pay these performers.

I am not surprised they are angry.

I am surprised however that the committee has not been threatened with legal action by some if not all of the unpaid performers.

No matter what the director and committee say they have stuffed up - yet again.

Roger Bailey, Papamoa

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: All contractual obligations of the festival have since been met with festival/society funds.

Care after fall

I would like to thank the people who assisted me after my fall outside Farmers in Devonport Rd last Wednesday.

I was grateful for the immediate care and comfort given me by the passers-by as well as the Farmers staff.

One young man, Norm, presented a first aid kit and took charge until an ambulance arrived.

I believe he works on the building site nearby - special thanks to him.

It is reassuring and heart warming to know one can lie injured and helpless in a busy street (at the same time feeling very foolish! ) and be instantly surrounded by kindness, care and the sympathy of strangers.

Thank you all.

Pip Casey, Bethlehem

Museum on cards

Richard Prince ( Museum: BOP Times 17/04/12) himself does not seem to have learned from the years of letters to the BOP Times on this matter.

The battle for the museum has been won with the TCC (Tauranga City Council) setting up the Tauranga Moana Museum Trust.

This because a majority of Tauranga residents see that a city our size should have a museum.

That trust has taken a major step in identifying the TCC's Cliff Rd site as the location for a museum. The TCC's only cash contribution to the costs of the building will be the Ten Year Plan proposed $100,000 for the resource consent process.

The council-owned Cliff Rd site which is to be used TCC will continue to own, in a sense, as the Tauranga Moana Museum will occupy it and will be seen to be the city's museum.

Talk of the $16 to $20 million value of the site being available to pay off debt is nonsense because we know the TCC would never sell that prime site for a cash sum.

Richard Prince and the minority for which he speaks should accept the fact that there will be, someday, a Tauranga Moana Museum.

Basil Kings, Ohauiti

Moore problems

Richard Moore, so you think courtesy and politeness needs to be beaten into you. You show complete ignorance and double standards. You object to children being abusive but you condone abusing them to teach them a lesson. All you teach is violence is okay.

Children tend to follow their parents.

My parents were courteous and polite and I am like wise and enjoy being so.

I have never seen the back of a hand, a belt or a wooden spoon and my children will never see them either but they will be courteous and polite - just like their parents.

Adam Hughes, Matua

Creaming it ...

I now buy my milk from the dairy after a lifetime of supermarket shopping. I finally did the maths and was shocked into action. At the supermarket I buy milk in three litre bottles at $5.49 each about every 10-14 days, which works out at 27 litres at $1.83 per litre, which adds up to $49.41 at the checkout. If I were to buy every fortnight it adds up to $1284.66 per year.

However at the dairy I am now buying the $6 special of four litres which costs me $1.50 per litre and at 27 litres costs me $40.50 per fortnight and $1053 per year. Saving me $231.66 per year. Now that may not seem to be much, but I was buying my milk (and picking up extras) and getting Flybuys on it at the supermarket and at the end of a year, I had enough flybuys to buy a magazine subscription of approximately $70, at this rate I am going to be able to buy three magazine subscriptions with what I am saving. Let alone the money I will save by not buying extras.

I find it fascinating that at the little corner dairy our milk can be cheaper than at the corporate giants.

J White, Bethlehem

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