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It's daft to attempt to outlaw planking

I couldn't agree more with Richard Moore's Straight Talk (Tuesday, May 31). It seems that Kiwis have turned into a bunch of worry warts who want to condemn any sort of behaviour that is "different". The latest craze of planking will not cause the end of the world as we know it.
Trying to ban it or punish people who give it a try is about daft as the proposal of the state of Florida in outlawing "low riding" shorts such as worn by youngsters trying to be different.
Why have we turned into an over-regulated society of busy bodies.
No wonder we have the second highest incarceration rate in the world after the US. Some would have plankers jailed. Maybe they want us to have the highest incarceration rate?
Roy Edwards, Tauranga
Angry flyer
Re: Flights between Rotorua and Sydney cancelled.
Very unhappy to be informed of my flight cancellation direct from Sydney to Rotorua. At the time of my flight, June 18, I will be seven months' pregnant travelling with a 3 and 1-year-old by myself. Not looking forward to the two flights and the wait at the airport in Auckland.
A very angry and unhappy Air New Zealand customer.
Louisa McKeown, Bellambi, NSW
Good move
It is a relief to know that Bob Clarkson has moved to the Act Party.
During his brief stint as Tauranga's MP he was notable in Parliament for his vacuous mis-cues which were an embarrassment to the National Party.

Clarkson admitted he was out of his depth as a National MP but he should feel quite at home in the Act Party among his peers including Don Brash - Brash by name and brash by nature.
Mary Brooks, Tauranga
Suits on strike
Here they go again, the human parasites masquerading as legal aid lawyers are threatening to withdraw their labour because the Government has finally twigged to the rort.
But alas, just like they threatened to march down Devonport Rd a year or so ago when Dame Margaret Bazeley's report first came out exposing this rape of the long-suffering taxpayer, this latest threat won't happen either.
Seeing long queues of suits outside the dole office each morning on my way to work is possibly not a good look for the town but I for one could get used to it.
Brian W Brown, Tauranga
Waiver decision
Good news despite the small loss of revenue - I do hope the retail sector benefits.
However, the council's decision to double the waiver period for expired warrants and registrations to two months at an extra cost of $200,000 is irresponsible.
Warrants and registrations are legal and protection obligations for all vehicle owners and a waiver should not be necessary for those who do not adhere to this requirement.
Jean Craven, Tauranga
Vote was the pits
Every time there is another attack by these dogs on children I am reminded of the most inane piece of legislation ever passed by any government. In 1989 when the then Labour government changed the law to enable this previously forbidden breed of dog to be imported into New Zealand.
There was no legitimate reason for this law change.
The only virtue of these animals at that time was stated as being their very ferocious fighting ability and obviously these genes were wanted by those involved in the the illegal sport of dog fighting.
It could not have been worse had we allowed the importation of crocodiles or snakes and such like as even under so-called control these, seemingly unpredictable, dogs and their crossbreeds seem unable to be manageable at times.
I cannot see that there is anything that we can do about it now as the pitbull genes are, reportedly, spread widely among other more placid breeds of dogs.
This bill was introduced to the house and championed by Bob Tizard and I often wonder what his thoughts are now as the folly of his action is now all too often causing severe injuries to our children.
A simple "No" in parliament in 1989 would have prevented this scourge. (Abridged)
L Wakefield, Tauranga
Text views
* Great news the decision regarding the sirens but lets hope that the majority of the cost is borne by the community that will benefit being the Mount & Papamoa??
* Its abowt tym. Wat abowt putn sum sirens on matakana island as wel, im sure they wil b happy. I knw i wuld if lived thea.
* Re.pitbuls. r like a.k.47 machine gun. In the rite hands a great engineerd gun, in wrong hands a killer. Unfortunately most in hands of idiots jus like pitb
* Key plank stupid poor xample frm pm as parent . david whktne
* Sirens - thank goodness. Let's hope we don't get wiped out before they get here though!!!
* Yea free sat.Parking!
* Sirens, about time, hope they wil b heard in downtown tga as well
* Loud music over PA spoils hot pools for me. I want to relax in hot water. In deep past no music was played. The spa water is often not hot enough
* Disgusting about hot pools closing cause of some grumpy old men. sue
* Bizzos round hot puls wil just have to put up downtrn shorly da mus no maintenc is top ov da list - luky 4 thm it aint a rebiled
* Businesses in th mt h/pool area get it pretty damn gd thru th year and clean up on $ ova th suma!, hav u seen what they charge & how many ppl r there.
* To all you up and coming plankers, kill yourselves now so we dont have to pay for looking after you when you remain half dead for the rest of your life.
* Hope govt get rid of all these consultants that acc have waisting tax payers money and concentrate on getting people fixed and back to work faster.
* I have private insurance. Instead of waisting my dollars with acc i'rd rather give it to my private insure we dont need acc.
* If john key -pm- gives in to the IRB then he shud resign df
* Fantastic! I am so pleased public pressure has resulted in a positive outcome. I hope we see tsunami evacuation route signs and leaflets once the foot bridges are done throughout the region as well. This allows people to plan and become familiar with their evacuation routes. Coromandel peninsula signage from the council is impressive and public would like to see the same here Stacey smith.
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