For those who consider shopping a religion, news of a new store will always be welcome.

Even if it is just to buy your fruit and veg, more choice is good.

Supervalue has become the latest addition to the Bay's supermarket scene, serving the local Pyes Pa and Tauriko community.

Tauriko Crossing has also added to our shopping options, and brace yourself for hoards of tweenies in cut-off denim shorts when Supre opens over in Fashion Island, Papamoa.


We can't compete yet with Auckland, which was just lucky enough to get Zara and H&M, but the growth in shops in regions like Tauranga is a sign not only of an increasing population but a booming economy - commercial building consents are set to bust the $1 billion mark this year. That's a lot of denim shorts.

Meanwhile, over in Rotorua they are practically frothing at the news that Kmart is finally coming to Vegas. Facebook was buzzing - the popular store has a fan page of millions.

Here in the Bay we can boast two Kmarts, and what I love about the store, as well as its great bargains, is the fact it opens until midnight.

Let's face it, the nine-to-five working day is long gone for many people. Lots of us work shifts, flexibly, weekends, and as our society changes so should our shops if they want to compete with online shopping which is available 24 hours a day.

I would like to see supermarket chains follow suit and open ideally 24 hours, or at least until midnight like Kmart.

Actually, I would like all shops to be open 24 hours but, realistically, I recognise that there are few like me who might feel the need to go clothes shopping in the early hours. But a 24-hour supermarket in the city is long overdue.