The 2015 Trustpower National Community Awards will be held this weekend, with Tauranga represented by voluntary groups from across the board in Dunedin.

Chris Duggan and Jane Hoggard will be representing the House of Science Tauranga, and are confident they will hold their own.

Ms Duggan and Ms Hoggard will showcase a model of volunteers succeeding at youth engagement when they take the science education and promotion group up against the national competition.

Deputy Mayor Kelvin Clout will also be attending to support the Tauranga team.


House of Science came first at the Trustpower Tauranga Community Awards last year, when they beat 47 Tauranga voluntary organisations for their efforts to increase youth representation in emergency services.

Trustpower community relations representative Emily Beaton said the House of Science team help make science accessible for everyone.

"Sharing and providing resources and knowledge to schools and teachers is a way for the House of Science team to reach more people and they recognise that.

"The fact that Chris and his team are already looking at sharing the House of Science concept in other places will really support their presentation on Saturday (March 19)," she said.

The groups will be judged on an eight minute presentation and a 1,000 word summary about the organisation.

The 2015 Trustpower National Community Awards are being held March 18 to 20.