Omanu juniors reign supreme at surf champs

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Photo/D Scribe Media Services
Photo/D Scribe Media Services

Omanu's strong squad of junior surf lifesavers gave themselves the perfect lead-in to next month's under-14 national championships, claiming the Eastern Region club title in Gisborne over the weekend.

The Bay of Plenty club, seeking a third consecutive win at Oceans 16, finished 23 points clear of Waikanae at the Eastland Port-sponsored carnival at Midway Beach.
Omanu finished on 146 points, with Waikanae (123), Papamoa (105) and Mount Maunganui (103) rounding out the top-four.

Amid glorious sunshine and a near-perfect half-metre of a swell, 450 juniors from 15 North Island clubs battled it out over two days, testing their skills in seven divisions, from under-8 to under-14 agegroups.

There were some impressive individual performances, not least in the youngest division, where Papamoa's Vinnie Baggott won the run-wade-run, the board race, the diamond race and the beach sprint.

Between them, Omanu's Thomas Gadsbey and Gus Shivnan won six of the nine gold medals on offer in the under-12 boys' division, including taking out the board relay and tube rescue titles, adding silver in the beach relay for good measure.

Papamoa's Lewis Farr was another to showcase his versatility, winning the board race, the run-swim-run and the beach sprint in the under-14 division, while Mount Maunganui's Daniel Shanahan clean-swept the water events in the under-13s.

Mahina Ross (Westshore) was peerless in the under-12 girls', collecting the surf race, run-swim-run, board race and diamond race crowns, while Jamie Julian (Whakatane) did the same in the under-10 boys', adding bronze in the beach flags.

The swimming and sprinting ability of Mount Maunganui's Lulu Johnson helped her take three golds home in the under-10 girls' division, while Midway's Angus Blair also collected a golden treble in the under-11 boys.

Among the smaller teams, Mairangi Bay pocket-rocket Star Te Aukura collected all 11 of her club's points, with wins in the surf race and run-swim-run and silver in the board race and beach flags.

Otaki's Daisy Davis (girls' run-swim-run) and Damien Doyle (boys' surf race) both collected bronze in the under-14 division, while Jasmine McLeery (Hot Water Beach) picked up silver in the under-12 beach sprint.

There were also impressive performances from the Whakatane team, finishing fifth overall and pipping locals Midway and Wainui (48 points each).

Results from the Eastland Port Eastern Regional junior championships at Midway Beach, Gisborne, from February 13-14:

Surf race:
Kiahi Horan (Omanu) 1, Thomas Scott (Omanu) 2, Damien Doyle (Otaki) 3. Run-swim-run: Lewis Farr (Papamoa) 1, Cole Price (Orewa) 2, Thomas Scott (Omanu) 3. Board race: Lewis Farr (Papamoa) 1, Kiahi Horan (Omanu) 2, Hector Munro (Mt Maunganui) 3. Diamond race: Thomas Scott (Omanu) 1, Cole Price (Orewa) 2, Lewis Farr (Papamoa) 3. Beach sprint: Lewis Farr (Papamoa) 1, Nazareth Te Huna (Wainui) 2, Kirk McNabb (Westshore) 3. Beach flags: Nazareth Te Huna (Wainui) 1, Thomas Friskney (Omanu) 2, Will Pittar (Midway) 3. Board rescue: Horan/Schuler (Omanu) 1, Pickett/Van Kregten (Waikanae) 2, Farr/Millington (Papamoa) 3. Tube rescue: Picket/Proctor (Waikanae) 1, Horan/Schuler (Omanu) 2, Wagstaff/Shanahan (Mt Maunganui) 3. Board relay: Friskney/Scott/Horan (Omanu) 1, Munro/Burns/Shanahan (Mt Maunganui) 2, Tapper/Allen/Gordon (Whangamata) 3.
Surf race:
Isabella Akroyd (Mt Maunganui) 1, Olivia Gray (Westshore) 2, Kaitlin Cotter (Westshore) 3. Run-swim-run: Isabella Akroyd (Mt Maunganui) 1, Brooke Willock (Waikanae) 2, Daisy Davis (Otaki) 3. Board race: Kaitlin Cotter (Westshore) 1, Emily Julian (Whakatane) 2, Georgia Pitkethley (Waikanae) 3.
Diamond race: Lily Alton (Mt Maunganui) 1, Kaitlin Cotter (Westshore) 2, Isabella Ackroyd (Mt Maunganui) 3. Beach sprint: Kaitlin Cotter (Westshore) 1, Nikki Wright (Papamoa) 2, Emily Julian (Whakatane) 3. Beach flags: Christy Tate (Waikanae) 1, Emily Julian (Whakatane) 2, Olivia Gray (Westshore) 3. Board rescue: Akroyd/Alton (Mt Maunganui) 1, Cotter/Gray (Westshore) 2, Willock/Pitkethley (Waikanae) 3. Tube rescue: Morrison/Tate (Waikanae) 1, Wright/West (Papamoa) 2, Cotter/Gray (Westshore) 3. Board relay: Waikanae 1, Waikanae 2, Mt Maunganui 3.
Mixed beach relay: Dods/Pickett/Willock/Tate (Waikanae) 1, Farr/Stephenson/Wright/Puchner (Papamoa) 2, Cotter/Minor/Clere/Horsefield (Westshore) 3.
Grand Cameron: Waikanae 1, Omanu 2, Mt Maunganui 3.

Surf race:
Daniel Shanahan (Mt Maunganui) 1, Jack Hitchfield (Papamoa) 2, Nathan Proctor (Waikanae) 3. Run-swim-run: Daniel Shanahan (Mt Maunganui) 1, Nathan Proctor (Waikanae) 2, Jack Hitchfield (Papamoa) 3. Board race: Daniel Shanahan (Mt Maunganui) 1, Clayden Hope (Waikanae) 2, Oliver Gordon (Whangamata) 3. Diamond race: Daniel Shanahan (Mt Maunganui) 1, Jack Hitchfield (Papamoa) 2, Nathan Proctor (Waikanae) 3. Beach sprint: Sam Mason-Green (Wainui) 1, Tanner Baxter (Omanu) 2, Jack Hitchfield (Papamoa) 3. Beach flags: Tanner Baxter (Omanu) 1, Sam Maso-Green (Wainui) 2, Kian Grey (Papamoa) 3.
Surf race:
Astaria Te Aukura (Mairangi Bay) 1, Ruby Sussock (Whangamata) 2, Molly Shivnana (Omanu) 3. Run-swim-run: Astaria Te Aukura (Mairangi Bay) 1, Molly Shivnan (Omanu) 2, Ruby Sussock (Whangamata) 3. Board race: Lucy Mano (Papamoa) 1, Astaria Te Aukura (Mairangi Bay) 2, Ruby Sussock (Whangamata) 3. Diamond race: Molly Shivnan (Omanu) 1, Ruby Sussock (Whangamata) 2, Astaria Te Aukura (Mairangi Bay) 3. Beach sprint: Briana Irving (Waikanae) 1, Jess Harray (Waihi Beach) 2, Eden Kelly (Papamoa) 3. Beach flags: Eden Kelly (Papamoa) 1, Astaria Te Aukura (Mairangi Bay) 2, Briana Irving (Waikanae) 3.
Under-13 mixed beach relay: Irving/Wilson/Hope/Proffit (Waikanae) 1, Glover/Cook/Baxter/Kirk (Omanu) 2, Gordon/Parker/Sussock/Robinson (Whangamata) 3.

Surf race:
Gus Shivnan (Omanu) 1, Lachie Falloon (Waikanae) 2, Jack Keepa (Wainui) 3. Run-swim-run: Gus Shivnan (Omanu) 1, Jack Kepper (Wainui) 2, Lachie Falloon (Waikanae) 3. Board race: Thomas Gadsbey (Omanu) 1, Lachie Falloon (Waikanae) 2, Jack Keepa (Wainui) 3. Diamond race: Gus Shivnan (Omanu) 1, Lochie Falloon (Waikanae) 2, Jack Keepa (Wainui) 3. Beach sprint: Jack Keepa (Wainui) 1, Michael Esterhuizen (Whakatane) 2, Blake West (Papamoa) 3. Beach flags: Blake West (Papamoa) 1, Jack Keepa (Wainui) 2, Jacob Wyllie (Midway) 3. Tube rescue: Shivnan/Gadsbey (Omanu) 1, Falloon/Willock (Waikanae) 2, Campbell/Julian (Whakatane) 3. Board relay: Gadsbey/Shivnan/Baxter (Omanu) 1, Falloon/Hansen/Harding (Waikanae) 2, Keepa/Evans/West-Hill (Wainui) 3.
Surf race:
Mahina Ross (Westshore) 1, Mia Gardiner (Mt Maunganui) 2, Emily Moore (Midway) 3. Run-swim-run: Mahina Ross (Westshore) 1, Mia Gardiner (Mt Maunganui) 2, Emily Pilbrow (Papamoa) 3. Board race: Mahina Ross (Westshore) 1, Emily Pilbrow (Papamoa) 2, Mia Gardiner (Mt Maunganui) 3.
Diamond race: Mahina Ross (Westshore) 1, Mia Gardiner (Mt Maunganui) 2, Hannah Richardson (Mt Maunganui) 3. Beach sprint: Scarlett Glover (Omanu) 1, Jasmine McLeery (Hot Water Beach) 2, Sofia Zame (Wainui) 3. Beach flags: Manaia Peina (Papamoa) 1, Giorgia Hart (Waikanae) 2, Sofia Zame (Wainui) 3.
Tube rescue: Gardiner/Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 1, Fergus/ Gaddum (Midway) 2, Pilbrow/Thompson (Papamoa) 3. Board relay: Ross/Klem/Barclay (Westshore) 1, Gardiner/O Carr-Manoit/M Carr-Manoit (Mt Maunganui) 2, Salmon/Scott/Bartlett (Omanu) 3.
Under-12 mixed relay: West/Forbes/Peina/Pilbrow (Papamoa) 1, Glover/Scott/Gadsbey/Shivnan (Omanu) 2, Willock/Hansen/Hart/Kapene (Waikanae) 3.

Surf race:
Liam Shanahan (Mt Maunganui) 1, Ethan Millington (Papamoa) 2, Mitchell Bark-Riki (Mt Maunganui) 3. Run-swim-run: Angus Blair (Midway) 1, Ethan Millington (Papamoa) 2, Liam Shanahan (Mt Maunganui) 3. Board race: Angus Blair (Midway) 1, Matthew Robinson (WGN) 2, Nathaniel Allen (Whangamata) 3. Diamond race: Angus Blair (Midway) 1, Nathaniel Allen (Whangamata) 2, Matthew Robinson (Whangamata) 3. Beach sprint: Tyrone Herring (Whakatane) 1, Tigher West-Hill (Wainui) 2, Daniel Nicholson (Waihi Beach) 3. Beach flags: George Allan (Waikanae) 1, Tyrone Herring (Whakatane) 2, Quinlan Woodhouse (Mt Maunganui) 3.
Surf race:
Jessica Carey (Omanu) 1, Grace Akroyd (Mt Maunganui) 2, Lucy Bartlett (Omanu) 3. Run-swim-run: Jessica Carey (Omanu) 1, Poppy Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 2, Lucy Bartlett (Omanu) 3. Board race: Olivia Gaddum (Midway) 1, Kendyl Cowley (Whangamata) 2, Maya Carr-Manoit (Mt Maunganui) 3. Diamond race: Lucy Bartlett (Omanu) 1, Jessica Carey (Omanu) 2, Zeta Schuler (Waihi Beach) 2. Beach sprint: Riley Wood (Whangamata) 1, Lucy Bartlett (Omanu) 2, Maya Carr-Manoit (Mt Maunganui) 3. Beach flags: Riley Wood (Whangamata) 1, Zara Potter (Wainui) 2, Lucy Sandford (Omanu) 3.
Under-11 mixed relay: Reynolds/Schuler/Nicholson/Nicholson (Waihi Beach) 1, West-Hill/Emerre/Allan/Potter (Wainui) 2, Curragh/Hall/Bartlett/Sandford (Omanu) 3.

Surf race:
Jamie Julian (Whakatane) 1, Te Manewha (Omanu) 2, Gene Baggott (Papamoa). Run-swim-run: Jamie Julian (Whakatane) 1, Te Manewha Rikihana (Omanu) 2, Gene Baggott (Papamoa) 3. Board race: Jamie Julian (Whakatane) 1, Rico Kelly (Papamoa) 2, Jack Lepper (Midway) 3. Diamond race: Jamie Julian (Whakatane) 1, Gene Baggott (Papamoa) 2, Rico Kelly (Papamoa) 3. Beach sprint: Logan West (Papamoa) 1, Rico Kelly (Papamoa) 2, Matt Schuler (Waihi Beach) 3. Beach flags: Rico Kelly (Papamoa) 1, Zachary Bryant (Omanu) 2, Jamie Julian (Whakatane) 3. Board relay: Gardiner/Reeder/Richardson (Mt Maunganui) 1, Baggott/Kelly/West (Papamoa) 2, Parker/Rikihana/Bryant (Omanu) 3. Beach relay: Pearson/Baggott/West/Kelly (Papamoa) 1, Schuler/Hart (Waihi Beach) 2, Kemp/Starr-Naske (Waikanae) 3. Cameron relay: Kelly/West/Baggott,Pearson (Papamoa) 1, Glover/Parker/Rikihana/Bryant (Omanu) 2, Hart/Schuler (Waihi Beach) 3.
Surf race:
Lulu Johnson (Mt Maunganui) 1, Milana Tapper (Whangamata) 2, Renee Carey (Omanu) 3. Run-swim-run: Lulu Johnson (Mt Maunganui) 1, Milana Tapper (Whangamata) 2, Caitlyn Esterhuizen (Whakatane) 3. Board race: Caitlyn Esterhuizen (Whakatane) 1, Ella Arthur (Wainui) 2, Sophie Petro (Midway) 3. Diamond race: Caitlyn Esterhuizen (Whakatane) 1, Sophie Petro (Midway) 2, Milana Tapper (Whangamata) 3. Beach sprint: Lulu Johnson (Mt Maunganui) 1, Meg Harray (Waihi Beach) 2, Chiara Woodford (Waihi Beach) 3. Beach flags: Danielle Fowler (Omanu) 1, Lulu Johnson (Mt Maunganui) 2, Ella Arthur (Wainui) 3. Board relay: Woodford/Harray/Maddison (Waihi Beach) 1, Anderson/Fitzharris/Petro (Midway) 2, McIntyre/Perano/Reid (Midway) 3. Beach relay: Harray/Woodford/Swain/Maddison (Waihi Beach) 1, Anderson/Petro/McIntyre/Reid (Midway) 2, De La Haye/Johnson/Mitchell/Carnachan (Mt Maunganui) 3. Cameron relay: Beaufoy/Williams/Ingoe/Wilson (Waikanae) 1, Johnson/Marshall/Bainbridge/Nijssen (Mt Maunganui) 3.


Run-wade-run: Henry Scholes (Mt Maunganui) 1, Yahni Brown (Midway) 2, Jesse Humberstone- Kara (Whakatane) 3. Board race: Christian McNamara (Omanu) 1, Braith Swanberg (Omanu) 2, Yani Brown (Midway) 3. Diamond race: Henry Scholes (Mt Maunganui) 1, Christian McNamara (Omanu) 2, Sam Gaddum (Midway) 3. Beach sprint: Harry Burns (Omanu) 1, Lucas Ludwig (Waikanae) 2, Solomon O'Connor (Midway) 3. Beach flags: Lukas Ludwig (Waikanae) 1, Lochlan Wood (Whangamata) 2, Harry Burns (Omanu). Board relay: Fergus/Gaddum/Brown (Midway) 1, Burns/Swanberg/McNamara (Omanu) 2, Julian/Humberstone,Kara,Hipkiss (Whakatane) 3. Beach relay: Humberstone/Kara/Julian/Hipkiss/Christie.(Whakatane) 1, Burns/Swanberg/McNamara/Shivnan (Omanu) 2, Alexander/Gollan/Gaddum/Brown (Midway) 3. Cameron relay: Christie/Esterhuizen/Hipkiss/Humberstone Kara (Whakatane) 1, Brown-Terekia/Fergus/Gollan/Brown (Midway) 2, Burns/Sanberg/McNamara/Shivnan (Omanu) 3.
Run-wade-run: Jessica Pilbrow (Papamoa) 1, Rubi Hart (Waikanae) 2, Anika Cowley (Whangamata) 3. Board race: Rubi Hart (Waikanae) 1, Jessica Pilbrow (Papamoa) 2, Anika Cowley (Whangamata) 3. Diamond race: Jessica Pilbrow (Papamoa) 1, Chloe Kapene (Waikanae) 2, Zara Burns (Mt Maunganui) 3. Beach sprint: Rubi Hart (Waikanae) 1, Monique Bartlett (Omanu) 2, Chloe Kapene (Waikanae) 3. Beach flags: Ruby Williams (Waikanae) 1, Ruby Hart (Waikanae) 2, Chloe Kapene (Whakatane) 3. Board relay: Kapene/Hart/Williams (Waikanae)1, Bartlett/Greetham/Jones (Omanu) 2, Sykes/Burns/Preston (Mt Maunganui) 3. Beach relay: Hart/Kapene/Williams/Naske (Waikanae) 1, Lepper/Moore/Bronlund/Petro (Midway) 2, Pilbrow/Pearson/Davoren/Keer-keer (Papamoa) 3. Cameron relay: Hart/Williams/Kapene/Naske (Waikanae) 1, Davoren/Crouch/Kelly/Peina (Papamoa) 2, Bartlett/Cook/Greetham/Jones (Omanu) 3.

Run-wade-run: Vinnie Baggott (Papamoa) 1, Charlie Shivnan (Omanu) 2, Derek Esterhuizen (Whakatane) 3. Board race: Vinnie Baggott (Papamoa) 1, Derek Esterhuizen (Whakatane) 2, Hugo Emery (Wainui) 3. Diamond race: Vinnie Baggott (Papamoa) 1, Charlie Shivnan (Omanu) 2, Derek Esterhuizen (Whakatane) 3. Beach sprint: Vinnie Baggott (Papamoa) 1, Taj Potter (Wainui) 2, Jerome Tamatea (Waikanae) 3. Beach flags: Taj Potter (Wainui) 1, Jerome Tamatea (Waikanae) 2, Freddie Mitchell (Mt Maunganui) 3.
Run-wade-run: McKenzie Bryant (Omanu) 1, Zoe Davis Calvert (Mt Maunganui) 2, Chloe Moore (Midway) 3. Board race: McKenzie Bryant (Omanu) 1, Georgia Davoren (Papamoa) 2, Scarlett Munro (Mt Maunganui) 3. Diamond race: McKenzie Bryant (Omanu) 1, Zoe Davis-Calvert (Mt Maunganui) 2, Amelia Arthur (Wainui) 3. Beach sprint: Amelia Arthur (Wainui) 1, Zoe Davis-Calvert (Mt Maunganui) 2, McKenzie Bryant (Omanu) 3. Beach flags: Cahrlie Kepa (Wainui) 1, Hayley Fowler (Omanu) 2, Amelia Arthur (Wainui) 3.

Mixed 2km Beach Relay:
Irving, Tate, Willock, Allan (Waikanae) 1, Bartlett, Glover, Kirk, Friskney (Omanu) 2, Regan, Harray, Stewart, Nicholson (Waihi Beach) 3

Final points: Omanu 146, Waikanae 123, Papamoa 105, Mount Maunganui 103, Whakatane 49, Wainui 48, Midway 48, Whangamata 36, Westshore 35, Waihi Beach 28, Mairangi Bay 11, Orewa 4, Hot Water Beach 2, Otaki 2, Ocean Beach Kiwi 1.

- Bay of Plenty Times

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