Tauranga mayor Stuart Crosby wants to see the two-day One Love Festival return to the city despite it sparking a large number of complaints to noise control.

More than 100 noise complaints were logged with the council in relation to the two-day event, which attracted a crowd of 15,000 people.

Most of the complaints came from residents in the Brookfield and Judea areas.

One of those complaints came from 4th Ave resident Reg Wilson about the concert's noise emitting from Tauranga Domain.


Mr Wilson said in his view the suggestion the concert was actively monitored and had kept within noise restrictions was "laughable".

"It's just an outrage ... nobody minds a little bit of noise but the bass levels were making the house shake," the retiree said.

"What worries me is if they think they are going to keep doing it there. I don't think it's such a good idea in a built up area. It needs to be out in the middle of a farm where they can go for it."

Mr Crosby (pictured) acknowledged there had been a lot of complaints but he hoped the organisers would host it again in the future because it had an economic spin-off for the city.

"It was a great festival by all accounts and, no, we can't have everything out in the fields because there's a benefit, of course, to having events at the Domain.

"There's a spin-off. People were coming and going from The Strand. That's an additional benefit but we have to be conscious of the impact on the people living in the area. It's just a matter of getting the balance right."

Mr Crosby said the council would investigate whether there were any breaches of the festival's resource consent and it would consider expanding the notice given to immediate neighbours.

Organisers could not be reached for comment yesterday but on Sunday event manager Ranui Samuels, of Pato Entertainment, said based on estimates that event-goers spent an average of $400, the festival had injected $4.8 million into the Bay economy.

Hotel Armitage duty manager Guru Singh said they were booked out with punters attending the One Love Festival and did not hear of any complaints about the noise.

Mr Singh said he liked the idea of the Tauranga Domain hosting events like the One Love Festival.

"If you look long term, it's good for Tauranga, for business. There are not too many residents around this area but maybe they could look at getting more security for drunk people."

Online comments to news of the complaints has largely been in support of the concert.

One Love Festival:

* This year's One Love Festival featured some of the biggest names in the New Zealand reggae scene such as Common Kings, Fiji, Tomorrow People, Kora and Sons of Zion.