Accusations that relocated homes are creating an eyesore amid modern subdivisions has drawn a strong rebuttal from former city councillor Larry Baldock.

The old homes were shifted on to the Condor Drive sites six weeks ago, as part of the development of Mr Baldock's 2.1ha property, sparking protests from neighbours.

George Warnock, who lives next door to the house having a block garage and flat built underneath, was disappointed.

"I am not very happy, not at all, but I don't think there is anything I can do."


Mr Warnock said that, before his home was built two years ago, he was approached for permission to reduce the distance by 2 metres between his boundary and the house planned for Mr Baldock's property.

He agreed after being told it would be a single-storey house. Instead, he says, it turned out to be the equivalent of two storeys.

And although the relocated house had yet to be lowered 600mm on to the blocks, he feared it would still be a visual intrusion.

"I'm pretty disappointed."

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, said Mr Baldock's houses would be eyesores right at the entrance to a new subdivision on the hillside above.

They will look brand spanking new ... the neighbours have got a cheek really.
Larry Baldock, former city councillor

"A couple of eyesores have been dumped there. They are totally out of character with the whole area."

Mr Baldock dismissed accusations that the houses would be eyesores, saying they would be re-bricked with new bricks and the roofs repainted.

"They will look brand spanking new ... the neighbours have got a cheek really," he said.

He argued that a little bit of difference was not a bad thing. "They will be very good quality homes."

Mr Baldock said that when he struck up the agreement with Mr Warnock for the 3m distance from the boundary, it was for a house to be built by the couple who were negotiating to buy his section. The sale fell through and his relocated house had instead been placed the correct 5m distance. "They will still get lovely north-facing sun."

He highlighted a nearby house relocated from Auckland and which he had restored to modern condition before selling. The old state house being restored on the site directly opposite his houses had been trucked in by the person who bought the section off him.

A spokesman for the Auckland-based Neil Group, which was developing the subdivision backing on to Mr Baldock's homes, said one or two people in the neighbourhood had rung him quite concerned, but it was difficult to gauge the problem because he had not seen the houses.

"We may not like it but if it is all legal there is nothing we can do," Wayne Shallard said.

Larry Baldock's Pyes Pa Property

• Adjoins Veda Glen and The Plateau subdivisions

• Two hectares (5 acres), including his house

• Subdivided into a pre-school and four house sites