The beautiful faces and voices of the Watoto children's choir from Uganda will be performing at The Orchard church, MacLoughlin Drive, at 7pm on Tuesday, July 22.

This is the third time the choir, comprised of orphans from Uganda, has included Te Puke in their New Zealand itinerary.

Three years ago Raewyn Keyte and her son Hayden travelled to Uganda to help out in a Watoto orphanage in Kampala.

Mrs Keyte returned with a passion for helping orphans in Africa and embraced the opportunity to co-ordinate the hosting of the Watoto choir in Te Puke.


After performing their high-energy, colourful African musical show - Beautiful Africa - the children will stay overnight in Te Puke, billeted by local families.

Admission to the performance is free but please come prepared for a collection to cover their travel costs.

There will also be an opportunity to sponsor a Watoto child.

Their choir performance have been packed out in the past, so don't miss out hearing them this time.