No further action will be taken by the Speaker and Parliamentary Services into claims made by Tauranga-based MP Brendan Horan against his former political party.

The Speaker and Parliamentary Services reached a decision on claims made against New Zealand First and the Party Leader's Office.

A spokesperson for the Speaker's Office said today the matter was closed without further evidence.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said today he was ''disappointed that both it, and Parliamentary Services, had been forced into an extensive, time-wasting exercise because of baseless claims by a disgruntled member of Parliament, Brendan Horan''.

"New Zealand First's parliamentary staff have been put through unnecessary scrutiny, because of these claims," Mr Peters said.

"This has been a disgraceful abuse by an MP of the process around parliamentary funding, and New Zealand First is concerned at the undue media attention and time this MP's abuse of process has been given."

New Zealand First notes that the National Government gave over some if its question time in Parliament to Mr Horan to enable him to make a number of baseless allegations.

New Zealand First believes that MP and the Government should now apologise to New Zealand First, the Speaker, and the public for these ''dirty underhand tactics''.


Mr Horan said he was unapologetic and Mr Peters' complaints were ''a bit rich''.

"I stand by my decision to bring this matter to the Speaker's attention. While I accept the Speaker's findings, there are anomalies that are remain unexplained," Mr Horan said.