A Tauranga naturist has lost his appeal against a conviction for mowing his lawn nude.

Andrew Pointon, who previously won the right to jog naked through a forest, has lost an appeal against guilty verdicts on two other charges relating to nudity.

Neighbours reported seeing Pointon gardening nude in January 2012 and mowing the lawn nude in March 2012.

As a result offensive behaviour charges were laid.


He pleaded not guilty to the charges, but was found guilty in a defended hearing earlier this year.

He was fined $300 and $350.

Pointon had said he was forced to defend the charges on his own behalf despite a lack of understanding of the processes.

Pointon had said he had lost confidence in his lawyer who had told him his case was unwinnable. He tried to transfer his legal aid to another lawyer but was refused.

His lawyer denies making this statement.

Justice Heath said he was confident Pointon received a fair hearing.

Justice Heath said he endorsed the district court finding on the gardening and lawnmowing charges. In those matters the district court ruled that Pointon knew what he did would cause offence to some of his neighbours, and did so in any event.