What are the rules regarding turning across double yellow lines? The particular area I observe is Whangaparaoa Rd, in Rodney, from Dobell through to Beverley. Residents make a right turn across the double line to access their property, often creating a dangerous situation on a narrow winding road. Sheryl Day, Whangaparaoa.

The road code says that you may cross solid yellow lines to turn into a side road or driveway. But bear in mind that these yellow no-passing lines are usually in places where visibility is limited, so when crossing them, extra care must be taken. It may be safer to travel further along the road and turn where visibility is better.

There was an article in the paper a short while ago featuring a spokesman from the Beaumont Quarter noting motorists doing illegal u-turns in Beaumont St as a result of not being able to turn right on to the Northern Motorway, coming from the Westhaven end of Beaumont St. Being a transgressor myself, can you advise if this is in fact illegal? There do not appear to be any such signs other than the (hopefully temporary) "no right turn" arrow which is placed before you enter Beaumont St, on the Victoria Park side. Ray Bennett, Auckland.

Performing u-turns along Beaumont St is currently legal. However, Auckland Transport (AT) wants to discourage the manoeuvre because it is creating problems and is potentially unsafe.


AT plans to put-in u-turn bans in the near future and signs will be going up making the manoeuvre illegal.

With the right turn ban at Fanshawe St, traffic from Wynyard Quarter heading north via the motorway is expected to divert within Wynyard Quarter and make a right turn on to Fanshawe St at Halsey St. Improvements have been made to this intersection to help this movement. AT intends to put up new signs to encourage this route in conjunction with the u-turn ban on Beaumont St.

The right turn ban from Beaumont St was intended to be short-term and is linked to the allegedly temporary closure of the Wellington St on-ramp, during the construction of the Victoria Park Tunnel.

Since then New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), with input from Auckland Transport, has decided to maintain the closure of the Wellington St on-ramp to allow traffic patterns to settle.

Following this we anticipate that the right turn phase of Beaumont St may be reintroduced, either as before or during certain hours.

Recently I drove out to Auckland Airport with the intention of visiting the nearby Ihumatao Fossil Forests and Otuataua Stonefields. The problem was that several roads near the airport don't seem to be on any map I have found either on paper or online. It was only by chance that I did eventually find Ihumatao Rd. Does it still connect to George Bolt Memorial Drive? When will an up to date map of the area be available? Kirstie Prangley, Auckland.

I have a 2012 street map and Ihumatao Rd continues to be connected to George Bolt Memorial Drive. It's a bit difficult to spot, though, as the signs for both road and stonefields are small. If you miss the turnoff heading south, it's an easy enough exercise to keep going to the next roundabout and then head back.

Once on Ihumatao, keep going until you meet Oruarangi Rd, turn right and then left on to Ihumatao Quarry Rd.

You can also find directions to the stonefields and walks on Googlemaps.