There was another strong turnout of teams for the Wanganui East Petanque Club's Open Triples tournament at the weekend.

Twenty-one teams, or 63 players, undertook the two days of competition, including around 15 former or current New Zealand representatives.

They travelled from Palmerston North, Napier, Kapiti and Wellington to take part.

Organiser Pauline Ray said while the prayers for no rain were answered, conditions were still very windy and cold, with Saturday's gusts raising up dust on the Wanganui East Club's courts for the players to overcome.


Ray was pleased with the continued success of the annual tournament, which was first held in 2007.

"It's ten years and we never realised."

The 2017 trophy was won by the Wellington and Hawkes Bay team of Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks and Maurice Beltz, claiming the title for the third time.

Runnersup were Wanganui East's Yvonne Futcher and her Kapiti team mates Sheryl and Kevin McFadgen.

The Plate competition was won by Wanganui East's Beryl Cowan, Sheryl Parslow and Dene Futcher, while the Bowl was won by the Manawatu team of Kevin Bryan, Allan Cameron, and Ian Bailey.


Trophy: 1. Myles Cowper (Hawkes Bay), Michael Rocks and Maurice Beltz (Wellington); 2. Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East), Sheryl McFadgen and Kevin McFadgen (Kapiti); 3=. Annick LeGuen (Kapiti), Christine Strichen (Wanganui East), Anne Hogg (Otaki); 3=. Nico Toyne and Morgan Cheveaux (Wellington), Ben Toyne (Wanganui).

Trophy Consolation: 1. Sarah-Jane Wright, Dez Grant, Lee Trafford (Hawkes Bay).

Plate: 1. Beryl Cowan, Sheryl Parslow, Dene Futcher (Wanganui East); 2. Vaughan Husband, Peter Foxhall, Hector MacIver (Manawatu); 3=. Richard Turfrey and Trish Biddle-Amoroa (Wanganui East), Ian Hay (Hawkes Bay); 3=. Noelene Corley, David Corley, Judith Smith (Manawatu).

Plate Consolation: 1. Lee-Anne Bird (Wanganui East), Maree Toyne (Wanganui), Eddie King (Hawkes Bay).

Bowl: 1. Kevin Bryan, Allan Cameron, Ian Bailey (Manawatu); 2. Allan Taylor and Debby Butler (Kapiti), Julie Satherly (Wanganui East); 3. James Carlson, Billi Hiroti, Pamela Schrader (Wanganui East).