Boosted x Moana 2022: The 20 Pasifika-Led Projects That Need Your Support

Boosted x Moana Project 'The French' by Jude Mateo. Photo / Supplied

Back for its third consecutive year, the popular crowdfunding campaign Boosted X Moana is back and campaigning with a fresh and diverse range of Pasifika-led projects that need much-needed funding support.

Live from this week, with the month-long campaigning for funds running til November 17, The Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi's crowdfunding platform Boosted has  via this special offshoot #BoostedxMoana crowdfund project  managed to foster a sense of energy and community since it launched in 2020.

But the task is not simple  Boosted's proposition of all-or-nothing means that all crowdfunding campaigns have to meet their funding target, otherwise donations are refunded to their supporters.

Aimed at helping champion and fast-track the diverse work of Pasifika creatives and build capability in the Pacific Arts in Aotearoa, the fund is given additional support through match funding from Creative NZ.

This year, a new component is also offering essential support as five former Boosted X Moana alumni come in to assist as mentors to the 20 project owners.

This year's project's consist of a wide and varied mix of creative disciplines; from a theatre production exploring many of the challenges faced by Pasifika youth to a short film, a dance programme and the time-honoured tradition of zine making - get to know the 20 projects that make up the Boosted x Moana class of 2022.

‘The French’ is a play that presents a series of songs, performance art, skits, poetry and films to tell the same stories through different lenses of life. It covers many concepts that revolve around the idea of life,and important events such as birth,drugs, love, depression, happiness.

"The French is me, you, and the people watching us from above. What's so special about this play is the people who are involved, the youth…the youth who have mastered the art of poetry, film, music, art, and performance, we have come together to show our appreciation but also express our stress of the youth issues that only we can understand.

This play is dedicated to you and everything about you, we are nothing but curious children with loud minds."

Talofa Lava. My name is Allister Salaivao and I am the Director of "Let's Siva". Dance changed my life. This is your chance to help me change the lives of the next generation.

Please help me to continue to share my love of Dance by donating to this Boosted Campaign and increasing greater access to this life-changing programme.

Let's Siva is an Education Dance Programme that shifts mindsets through lived experiences and inspires the young Tamariki/ Rangatahi of South Auckland and Aotearoa.

Part of our vision is to exemplify or remind our learners to dream big, be resilient learners, and ensure that they keep trying, and never give up.

Filemu is an online/digital/print space where conversations centered on peace and co-dreaming by us, our peers and our wider community can be planted.

Edited and produced by creatives, graphic designer Iosua Ah-Hao and writer Taualofa Totua, Filemu's main mission in a world of noise is to platform what helps our communities feel settled.

Our mission is to use zine-making, monthly newsletters, a website and collaborative creative projects as a form of community care, with journal, prompts and activities for our peers to explore what being safe and sound  Filemu  is for them.

Filemu is a space designed with our Indigenous, Pacific, Moana Oceania, Queer and Disabled folk in mind.

Aitu is the Samoan word for “Ghost” or “fairy” I want to bring pacific tales of the paranormal and supernatural to the forefront.

Aitu is a short film about 2 people frozen in time, moments before a car accident, that must resolve their differences before it’s too late.

On the road before them stands the spirit of death. Mute, but watching, it guides them towards an answer they’ve been searching for.

As our characters do this, the audience will learn more about who the they are, their backgrounds and how they ended up here, on this road, hurtling towards their fate.

It’s a story of love, hope and responsibility.

Boosted x Moana Project 'Boys to Men'. Photo / Supplied
Boosted x Moana Project 'Boys to Men'. Photo / Supplied

Boys to Men, Men to Boys is a group show that delves into the investigation of ‘Manhood’ through the lenses of young PacificIsland men.

As a collective, we adhere to a process that will explore vulnerability and truth in an artistic way with the aim to create a live show that liberates our voices.

Whether that be through song, spoken word,dance, scenes/scenarios.

216 Records is a collaboration of different artists and producers from South Auckland who are full of talent but didn't have any access to gear to record their music

We're aiming to release another collection of songs (mixtape) this summer and Christmas holidays with feel-good music and music with a message about mental health.

The Boosted campaign will allow us to give 18 artists/producers/engineers an opportunity to release high-quality music with a positive message.

Boosted x Moana Project 'Siva Afi'. Photo / Supplied
Boosted x Moana Project 'Siva Afi'. Photo / Supplied

Open to all ages from five and welcoming everyone the community to come and learn the traditional Samoan Siva Afi (fire knife dance) and Siva Afi Drumming, our workshops see young people gain knowledge of traditional art forms and build their self-confidence.

The ambition of the workshop programme is that young people will build up their skill and confidence in the Siva Afi art form with as much determination and commitment as their Hip Hop and Kapa Haka counterparts. To build their knowledge of traditional Pacific cultural forms in a contemporary context.

Period7 is not a collective or a cool kids club but a community created to connect young local creatives across Aotearoa through participation in the creative arts.

We provide opportunities for young people to engage in things they wouldn’t normally have access or means to.

Our main goals since the creation of Period7 have been to increase youth participation in the arts; create an organic network to showcase what the creative pipeline looks like from high school to tertiary education, to working across different ways by connecting youth with those who are proactively pursuing a creative pathway; and provide opportunities for young artists to share and show their work.

Projekt Team is New Zealand's leading Hip Hop and Street Dance collective. Projekt Team host many battle events, dance workshops and performance showcases for the dance community in Aotearoa. Since 2014, the collective has won many battle titles nationally and internationally.

We hope to continue nourishing our own dance scene and making connections with the global street dance community. They are funding to send their team to Radikal Forze Jam in Vietnam to represent Pacific hip-hop in Aotearoa.

The 95 Collective is based out of Saute Aukalagi/South Auckland. Fourteen of us have come together to create a collective where we can showcase our talents and storytelling through different mediums.

We hope to create a community where we can inspire young Māori and Pasifika people to create their own collective and safe space.

We aim to create a three-part series that not only introduces the radio show but gives an introduction to the 95 Collective and the brothers who are part of it.

We want to be able to have funding to create three episodes of The 95 Radio Show to showcase to creatives that they can do this too, they can create their own radio show and display their music taste and what they like. Music is a universal language.

Our team is crowdfunding to get our short film underway. It's fun, motivating and ever-inspiring! We have an ever-lasting love for hip-hop,and we know from experience how the art form brings people and communities together.

We’re funding for equipment hire, wardrobe, set prop/design and for food for our cast and crew.

Boosted x Moana Project 'Myths and Legends of Samoa exhibition catalogue'. Photo / Supplied
Boosted x Moana Project 'Myths and Legends of Samoa exhibition catalogue'. Photo / Supplied

I am curating and part of an exhibition being launched at Mangere Arts Centre for Samoan language week 2023.

The show is a homage to Sāmoan artist Iosua To’afa, who illustrated the iconic book “Tala o le Vavau  Myths and legends of Samoa” in 1976. The show will feature 10 Aotearoa-based Sāmoan visual artists working in different disciplines and at varying stages of their careers. They will use the original book as an inspiration for their works.

I am wanting to access funding to print a book that will serve as a biography about Iosua To’afa as well as a catalogue for the show.

This Boosted x Moana project is raising funds to create a young adult coming-of-age film.

Our upcoming generations deserve to see themselves on the big screen. Our young people are hilarious,vibrant and resilient. We should have more representation where our youth can see themselves in the characters, are affirmed in their individuality and rocky journey.

Raru e Maruakaita is a timeless theatre production with its core themes translatable throughout all time periods and cultures. It touches on the struggles that young Polynesian men and women undergo in their communities and villages and brings forward topics that we are encouraged to not speak on.

We are crowdfunding for production costs and to pay our people for the time, effort and mahi they put into creating an awesome show.

Boosted x Moana Project 'Coming Home'. Photo / Supplied
Boosted x Moana Project 'Coming Home'. Photo / Supplied

Visually documenting a unique strategy to boost and support the growth and development of women's rugby in Oceania. I intend to start with a trip to the Cook Islands, highlighting the talent of Pasifika women in sport, holding space for community produces intergenerational knowledge and passion.

Ahiahi is an open-source sound sample library for Pasifika producers and DJs. The idea I have for the project is a part of a larger context of urban pacific people who have grown up in Aotearoa & Te Waipounamu but hope to rejoin their roots and create pathways and connections back to the islands.

I will go to Niue and make field & studio recordings. On return, I will edit and master it in my studio. From this, I will create a database and place it online for other creatives in the pacific to utilise.

I will travel through Niue to visit local areas and communities in order to do high-quality field recordings and capture a wide range of sounds that are unique and important to the people of the pacific.

Boosted x Moana Project 'Let's Siva'. Photo / Supplied
Boosted x Moana Project 'Let's Siva'. Photo / Supplied


A three-part Siva Samoa series that will include choreography, explanations of movements, and spoken word about the significance of Siva Samoa and all it's intricacies. These pre-recorded dances can be viewed for an unlimited time to help connect you to your aganu'u (culture).

I am a big advocate of cultural preservation through performing arts and have always wanted to create a safe space to connect with those who want to learn and whom I can also learn from. I hope that in sharing what I have learned, it challenges others to strive to learn and grow more.

I’ve always had the heart to serve and I see this as an incredible opportunity to do just that.

The Veil will explore the world of Pasifika behavior through the lens of Pasifika adolescents navigating their way into adulthood.

A specific behavior is the keeping of secrets. Dive further into the heart and mind of Pasifika youth and explore the depths of their truths.

The suppression of emotions, the diluting of identity and the sacrificing of culture, all to feel validated from both the outside world but equally as confronting, the inside world.

A group of Siva Afi performers fundraising to attend the 2023 Siva Afi Competition. They are looking to upgrade their fire knife sticks and costumes, as well as get funds to put towards accommodation and logistics.

This project involves working with two South Auckland-based visual artists: Genevieve Pini and Niu Lemalu, to develop solo exhibition projects forVunilagi Vou in 2023. The process will involve talanoa, critique, skill sharing, making and experimenting with hands-on, ongoing support, mentoring and guidance.

The investment will enable two artists to realise solo projects from development to presentation in an environment that is culturally safe, supported and unrestricted from institutional agendas.

For more information and to donate today, visit Boosted x Moana now.

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