The tally of fish caught on Ninety Mile last weekend represented good statistics ahead of next week's Snapper Bonanza.

In his report from the 90 Mile Surfcasting Club's annual 24-hour (overnight) contest, local fishing commentator Jack Rogers said the 49 club members and eight visitors contesting the A Fred Plate Trophy at the JNL Field Day weighed in 109 snapper, six kahawai, four trevally and one parore.

"Most of the fish were caught over the high tide at 2pm Saturday afternoon and 3am Sunday morning. High tide fishing can be more rewarding than low tide fishing," he said. "Snapper are certainly in abundance when the stars are aligned and a 6.19kg snapper takes out 10th prize."

Gareth McKenzie had a field day, by weighing in the heaviest snapper at 7.58kg to take out first place overall, along with the A Fred Plate for weighing in the three heaviest scale fish.


Other placegetters were Ben Waaka 3.50kg trevally 2 (e.g. 2nd), John Randall 2.74kg kahawai 3, Steve Maisey 6.97kg snapper 4, Jack Rogers 3.32kg trevally 5, Skarn Hokai 2.46kg kahawai 6, Milton Arnold 6.41kg snapper 7, Moira Rogers 2.52kg trevally 8, Rocky Manihera 2.21kg kahawai 9, Dan Lloyd 6.19kg snapper 10.

Also, the haggle of 2.30kg was won by junior member Bronson Rogers with a 2.30kg snapper, a special junior prize went to Madeline Shapiro, and lucky draw winners of Shimano fishing reels were John Koland, Joe Herbert and visitor Candice Rameka.

Jack wished good luck to all club members fishing the Bonanza next week.