In your edition of Thursday July 26 you published an article about Beverley Aldridge's advocacy for medicinal cannabis, wherein it was stated, "Since then some other Grey Power groups have joined the campaign, including Kerikeri Grey Power."

I am not aware of an organisation called Kerikeri Grey Power, but I am the president of Grey Power Kerikeri Incorporated.

I have scoured the archives of the previous committee of our society, and have found several mentions in meeting minutes discussing support for Ms Aldridge, and about whether to put that idea to members. I can find nothing in the records that suggests it was put to members.

I cannot speak to what members of Grey Power Kerikeri think about supporting any campaign to support, or to oppose, access to marijuana, either medicinal or recreational. We have not polled our members on the subject.


I think it is reasonable to expect we would find a spread of opinions across a broad spectrum of members, ranging from elderly stoners to people in chronic pain or terminally ill.

I do not know whether Ms Aldridge has a mandate to speak on the subject on behalf of Grey Power Otamatea Inc, but I do know I currently have no such mandate to speak on the subject on behalf of members of Grey Power Kerikeri Inc. And I submit Ms Aldridge has no mandate whatsoever to speak on behalf of our members.