Most people, including politicians, will not face up to the real problems of the next couple of generations, with many side-tracked by matters which will fade into obscurity as mankind struggles for survival with rising sea levels.

It's happening, folks, and even at the minimum hoped for rise of one metre in the next 60 years we are in trouble.

It's estimated by responsible science it may be considerably more in spite of President Trump's dismissal of international science findings, as well as his own scientific leaders.

So many of the great cities of the world are built on reclaimed only less than one metre above king tide levels. Parts of the east coast of the United States is already in trouble, with on-shore gales and spring tides, as Tokyo and London are.


Much of the Netherlands, and many nations suffering from over-population, are in danger of having much of their very productive low coastal land flooded by sea water.

Low-lying Queensland tourist areas and many coastal districts of New Zealand will become flood-prone.

Booming human populations are pushing the planet beyond its capabilities to cope.

Russian scientists are worried about the melting of perma-frost in northern Siberia and the Arctic, with its effects on global warming. Meanwhile all over the world politicians are pushing their own little barrow-load of policies while the likes of Greece and California burn.

The quest for more riches and power that has gone on for thousands of years can't be maintained unless there is a major population reduction and global warming is controlled.
The petty point-scoring during question time in Parliament is a sign that most of our Members of Parliament just don't get it. They should study Wikipedia on sea level rise, for example. Future mainstreet land in Kaikohe may be worth much more than in swamped Paihia. Christ warned of these times.

SAM McHarg