Referring to your story: 'See how easy it is' (June 21).

What a travesty that there remain people who consider the dumping of refuse in our community as acceptable-ish, even though they use clandestine methods to ensure identities are not revealed.

And what a triumph that our community has folks who are willing to use their own time and their own resources to properly collect and dispose of such arrogantly discarded refuse.

For those people who selflessly gave their time and energy to the collection and cleaning endeavour — our community salute you. We are indeed fortunate that people such as you exist.


And for those skid marks on society who consider it their right to dispose of refuse so ignorantly and thoughtlessly, I tell you this — much of the pollution you have visited upon our beautiful place will endure long after your eventual demise, and we will continue to be appalled, and thus vigilant, in our efforts to identify those of you responsible for such callous disregard for our world.

Please stop.

Give our world a fighting chance.