Last weekend the Farmlands Parapara/Makirikiri sheep dog trial club held its annual hill trial on the Ranginui family farm on Mangaone Rd.

On Friday the weather was humid and oppressive, although rain during that night helped clear the air.

It was a busy couple of days with 90 short heads put through with the other courses having full days.

Only one dog on Friday's leaderboard on the heads survived to make it to the end result - Howard Ingles' dog, Trump.


It was a virtual clean sweep on Saturday, with Wairarapa's John Bartlett figuring in both heads with two dogs, Honk and Fetch, and out-of-towners John and Hamish Linton filling up the other placers.

Centre competitor Merv Williams, from Raetihi, with Horse, snared second spot in the short head and fellow club member Kathryn Oliver and Shy placed third in the long head.

Cody Wickham's beautiful ewe lambs on the heads were brilliant, and club members all pitched in to work them beforehand, travelling up the river to do so.

The hunt ewes were trucked in from Morikau Station and climbed well, resulting in some high pointing runs.

And it was great to see young club member Carys Bates and Quake win the open/maiden straight hunt prize.

The club was especially grateful to Keown Honda for the use of their side-by-side to take smokos and lunches up to the workers on all courses, while Lynn Wickham and her helpers did a fantastic job keeping everyone fed.


Class 1: 1, H Linton & Kip 98.5; 2, J Bartlett & Honk 97.75; 3, K Oliver & Shy 97.5; 4, J Bartlett & Fetch 96.5; 5, H Ingles & Trump 96.

Intermediate: L Patterson & Ridge 94. Maiden: G Wellington & Frecko 93.

Class 2: 1, J Bartlett & Honk 95.5; 2, M Williams & Horse 95; 3, J Linton & King 94.5; 4, J Bartlett & Fetch 94; 5, H Linton & Kip 92.

Intermediate: M Williams & Horse 95. Maiden: S Ward & Kate 79.5.

Class 3: 1, J Shrubsall & Stag 97.5; 2, A Matthews & Chev 97; 3, J Batley & Hail 96.5; 4, B Jensen & Forste 96.25; 5, A Matthews & Rachel 96.

Intermediate: J Shrubsall & Stag 97.5. Maiden: A Matthews & Chev 97.

Class 4: 1, A Matthews & Rachel 98; 2, B Jensen & Rebel 97.5; 3, B Parkinson & Grouse 97; 4, L Patterson & Range 96.75; 5, H Linton & Maude 96.5.

Intermediate: B Parkinson & Grouse 97. Maiden: C Bates & Quake 95.75.