For the next few weeks the Wanganui Arts Society will be exhibiting work from its sister organisation.

It's part of an exchange with the Taumarunui Arts Society, with Whanganui artists sending their work north for exhibition.

Wanganui Arts Society secretary and treasurer Barbara Vine said it was the first such exchange between the two organisations.

"The Taumarunui people brought their work down on Friday, and got lost on the way, and took our works back," she said.


"Somebody had the idea that it might be a good idea to do a bit of an exchange. It's interesting and it's a wide range. There's a variety or artists and styles.

"It' always good to see other artists work and interact with other artists."

The Wanganui Arts Society held an opening on Saturday while Taumarunui is opening its exhibition of Whanganui work on Tuesday.

The Taumarunui artists have brought down a range of works including painting, sculpture and fabric painting.

The exhibition will run until the September 27 when Wanganui will make the return trip to collect their pieces.

People can view the exhibition at the Wanganui Arts Society, Trafalgar Place on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am until 12pm or Saturdays, 9.30am until 3pm and Sundays 1pm until 3pm.