Children have five geocaches to look for and a Gordon Park adventure on offer for Conservation Week this year.

The week is September 10-18.

They can go online to the Conservation Department website to start either of the challenges. At the website they can download an adventure map for Gordon Park Scenic Reserve on the outskirts of Whanganui East, find the code word there and ask for a Toyota Kiwi Guardians medal.

At the same website are instructions for getting involved in geocaching. A free app can be downloaded, and the caches of hidden objects are found using GPS.


There are five in the region - one at the Atene viewpoint, one on the Atene Skyline Track, one at Gordon Park, one at John Coull Hut and one on the Mangapurua Track.

People finding them can enter their finds on the website, and be in to win prizes.

Either activity will get kids outdoors, which DOC Conservation Week spokeswoman Dawn Muir says is a great idea.

"Studies show that children who spend time outdoors demonstrate more creative and imaginative play, are generally healthier and have a greater respect for themselves and appreciate nature more."

Activities for adults will also be posted on the DOC website, and more may be added during the week.