First-term Rangitikei District councillor Angus Gordon is one of four vying for three Taihape Ward seats at October's election.

He wants three more years and to help guide the council through a phase of "future proofing" its assets.

"We've already started down that path," he said.

He said he also wanted to look at mitigating what he saw was the biggest threat to rural areas; events such as last June's storm which took out large parts of the district's roading.


Mr Gordon said roading was the district's most valuable asset and was vital for rural transport.

"I think we probably need to be engaged with the likes of Horizons Regional Council in a more formal arrangement with these sorts of issues," he said.

"Horizons deals with the management of land around the road and let's face it; it's all the same ratepayers."

One of the new faces among the nominations for council is Dave Wilson.

But he's probably not unfamiliar to some Rangitikei people.

The born a bred Martonian initially considered standing three years ago but wanted to wait until he felt he had the time to commit.

"I believe small towns will have their day again," he said. "And what a fantastic part of the country this is. I believe it's as good as anywhere in the country."

Mr Wilson said he wasn't campaigning on sweeping changes, but the McVerry Crawford director believed he had the skills to serve the whole district.

"I think council's actually performing reasonably well," he said.

"What people have got to realise is that you're not standing just for Marton, you're actually standing for that Rangitikei District and that's important.

First term councillor and Project Marton coordinator Cath Ash said she had a good vantage point to get a handle of the district's issues and was keen for a second term.

"Obviously being in the position I'm in I have a really good understanding of the aspirations and challenges that face our community, not just in Marton but the district as a whole.

"I think I've got a proven track record and I don't shy away from the hard work."

Ms Ash said the development of a plan for the Marton civic centre would be the focus of the next term but said the district would also benefit from being in central government's ear.

"I think we have a huge important role to play in being a strong advocate for our district to central government... on things like education, transport and making sure we maintain ratepayer's voice in the mix as well."