A Taihape Area School teacher's passion for cars led him to set up an evening class for students interested in the automotive industry.

Immediately eight keen 16-year-old boys stepped forward.

Technology teacher Jason Fellingham said the school was gifted a car to work on, which is kept outside in a garage.

He said the students will all get to drive it as well as enter events like the Taihape Car Club meet held probably in August.


The students were learning a variety of skills around mechanics, auto electrical, car audio, panel and paint, vehicle servicing and maintenance, driving, and grooming.

The school's automotive team of John Gerathy, Bailey Coles, Liam Fellingham, Jack Inwood, Shelby Inwood, MacLayn Witika, Hamish Maher and David Frankham are "really happy" with the community support they've had so far.