Lisa Lyford answers our readers' questions on personal styling.

Why do stylists always encourage women to wear makeup? What about natural beauty?

I'm with you on that one. Nature as nature intended it - naturally beautiful.

We've become a society where wearing makeup is the norm. For some people, like myself, I feel only half dressed without it; it's what I've become used to.

There is a place for makeup. It can enhance our natural beauty - and that's the way makeup should be viewed, an enhancer. I think it's a crying shame when women feel they need to cake the makeup on in order to look good. It can, in fact, have the opposite effect! If you prefer the natural look, there are products and application techniques that can give you that - talk to a makeup consultant at a beauty counter.


Makeup is also wonderful for evening out the appearance of our skin tones, particularly beneficial as we age. It can also help protect us from sun and harsh conditions, and help to moisturise and nurture our skin.

It's about moderation. It's about how it makes you feel wearing or not wearing it. It's a personal choice. If you feel wonderful without wearing makeup, then that's fantastic. Just remember to wear a moisturiser and sunblock on your face, neck, chest and the tops of your hands in particular.

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