Stephanie and Russell Bell understand that looking backwards will never help move their clients forwards.

With that in mind, they have set up in new premises in St George's Gate and appropriately named it the Hub.

The Hub was officially opened by Whanganui MP Chester Borrows and signals a milestone for the two businesses Mr and Mrs Bell operate.

Zenith Solutions and TGM Design Wanganui will work from under the same roof, delivering high-quality business advice across a wide range of disciplines.


Mr Bell said the concept was not unique but adopting a combined approach, together with associated e-business, accounting and mentoring businesses, meant that, whatever a client needed, a solution could be found at the Hub.

"We already have several clients who are experiencing the value of having a broad range of services under one roof," he said.

"Come the New Year, we'll be strengthening relationships with other local and national professionals to ensure our clients get the highest quality and value across a very broad range."

He said the key to combining Zenith and TGM skills meant that any business need of the client, no matter what it was, could be met at the Hub.

Zenith Solutions specialises in strategic planning and improving business performance and was formed in 2010 after Mr Bell decided that sitting behind a desk, churning out historical accounts, "looking backwards when clients wanted to move forward", would not see him delivering value to clients or using the consulting skills he had.

TGM Design specialises in developing brands, marketing materials and top-rate design for its clients.

Mrs Bell said its work could be seen throughout the city but most notably in the iSite, where the work of designer Des Bovey was on display as part of a Wanganui District Council and Department of Conservation collaboration.

"This is work which my team and I are really proud of," she said.

At the opening last Friday, Mr Borrows told guests of the important role businesses such as Zenith and TGM played in the Wanganui economy.

He said the Bells had moved to Wanganui to "make a go of it and find success" and brought with them a skill set which made sure the city continued to punch above its weight.

"We're passionate about Wanganui and we love the fact that as our business has grown successfully, so too have our clients," Mr Bell said.