Inexperience proves costly


Wairarapa were soundly beaten by Kapiti in the men's and women's section of a representative outdoors match played at the Central Levin Bowling Club on Sunday.

The 10-2 loss suffered by the men did not altogether surprise selector Warren Wyeth who said his side contained several relatively inexperienced players who were being given the opportunity to test themselves at a higher level.

"It was pretty much a learning curve for these players and most of them acquitted themselves quite well," Wyeth said.

Singles player Ian Monaghan and the pair of Warren Fisher and Scott McKenzie provided the only Wairarapa wins.

The Wairarapa women were beaten 8-4 by their Kapiti counterparts but they provided one of the individual highlights of the whole fixture when singles player Judith Wyeth won both her games, and by comfortable margins to boot.

Results were (Wairarapa names first):


Singles: I. Monaghan 20, R. Boffa 21; Monaghan 21, P. Howell 8; G. Tindall 10, Howell 21; Tindall 7, Boffa 21.

Pairs: W. Fisher and S. McKenzie 9, P. Thomson and B. Woolston 27; Fisher and McKenzie 23, N. Bovey and K. Burgess 8; J. Syman and J. O'Kane 10, Bovey and Burgess 20; Syman and O'Kane 15, Thomson and Woolston 18.

Fours: J. Claydon, L. O'Donovan, J. Hanjos, R. Anderson 6, I. Mahoney, D. Walker, G. Wylie and R. Goston 19; Claydon, O'Donovan, Hanjos, Anderson 15, R. Hudson, S. Sargent, R. McLean, N. McCutcheon 19; S. Willis, A. Tregurtha, G. Calkin, H. Frew 11, Hudson, Sargent, McLean, McCutcheon 18; Willis, Tregurtha, Calkin, Frew 11, Mahoney, Walker, Wylie, Goston 24.


Singles: J. Wyeth 21, M. Brewer 8; Wyeth 21, J. Mears 8; T. Hogg 10, Mears 21; Hogg 19, Brewer 21.

Pairs: W. Mitchell and M. Jackson 5, A. Stevenson and P. Taylor 18; Mitchell and Jackson 13, J. Burnes and M. Thomas 10; D. Christensen and S. Poutu 21, Burnes and Thomas 13; Christensen and Poutu 13, Stevenson and Taylor 25.

Fours: M. Campbell, A. Flannery, B. Bryant and F. Mancer 11, D. Collis, A. Piper, B. Crowther, C. Rolton 17; Campbell, Flannery, Bryant and Mancer 8, J. Harris, R. Allen, J. Crafts, M. Kerridge 19; J. Paku, S. O'Kane, J. Whittington and S. Syman 16, Harris, Allen, Crafts and Kerridge 18; Paku, O'Kane, Whittington and Syman 14, Collis, Piper, Crother and Rolton 16.


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