Telecom must lift its net reliability

By Heather McCracken

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I was one of the hundreds of thousands of Telecom customers affected by broadband outages this week.

My home broadband was down on Tuesday night as a major outage affected Telecom's network, and again on Wednesday morning.

Telecom said as it restored services, a "significant number" of customers were still receiving intermittent coverage and may have their connections drop out, APNZ reported.

That's exactly what I had - intermittent coverage and the connection dropping out. I didn't call Telecom to complain because that about sums up my internet service most of the time.

While this week the service has been off more often than it's on, connection drop-outs seem to be a pretty regular occurrence anyway. And I know of other customers who have much the same experience.

Telecom says it will review its broadband service after two major outages in the past few months. My home broadband isn't essential to my work and all that was interrupted were plans to make some online holiday bookings and watch the news on demand.

But New Zealanders pay a lot for internet services, and there's no credit at the end of the month for all the time you've spent turning your modem off and on, or sitting on hold with a call centre trying to restore your service.

We shouldn't just have to put up with regular drop-outs and interruptions as just part of the deal.

It would be nice to think, as the internet becomes increasingly important to our lives, that the reliability of the service would be better. We should be demanding more for our money.

- Wairarapa Times-Age

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