A motorcyclist has died after a collision with a four-wheel drive on Cape Palliser Rd yesterday morning.

The man is thought to be a Wairarapa resident in his 50s.

The crash happened about 1km from the Whangaimoana Beach Rd turn-off at a 65km/h marked corner.

Life Flight's Westpac Rescue Helicopter was first emergency crew to arrive at the crash scene at 11.40am, with crew confirming the man died at the scene.


Featherston Constable Nick Atherley said the motorcyclist had been heading towards Cape Palliser.

"It appears that a motorcycle has come around the bend and collided with a car going in the opposite direction."

Two occupants had been in the car. Mr Atherley said they were "unharmed but shaken".

The Serious Crash Unit from Wellington were on site carrying out a scene investigation.

"They will be able to shed some light on the situation," Mr Atherley said.

"It's in its early stages of the investigation but speed seems to be the main cause of the accident."

Mr Atherley said there were skid marks on the road, both from the motorcycle and from "where the vehicle came off the road to avoid him".

"It appears he has come around the corner and lost control. It's a wonderful day and a great road -- just going too fast."

It was thought the man had lived in Wairarapa and police were working to track down his family, Mr Atherley said yesterday afternoon.