Store lamb prices reached a new level at yesterday's Stortford Lodge sale.

Much of yarding of about 7000 head came from Wairoa and Gisborne. Most were of good quality but even longer-term lambs sold for big money.

Finishers fear a shortage later in the season because so many lambs left Hawke's Bay during the drought.

However, many of yesterday's prices had would-be buyers shaking their heads.


The cattle yarding of about 250 head sold in line with the high prices of the past few months. The quality was varied but everything sold well. Buyers were from Hawke's Bay, Christchurch, Invercargill and Reporoa.

Steers: R3, G Gardiner, Puketapu, eight here-fries, av weight, 540kg, 272c/kg, $1470/head. R2, Awakere Farm, Crownthorpe, five ang, av weight, 218kg, 302c/kg, $660/head; J and A Robinson, Ormondville, six charo-cross, av weight, 395kg, 316c/kg, $1250/head; five ang-here, av weight, 333kg, 324c/kg, $1080/head; R Mackenzie, Middle Rd, six here-fries, av weight, 388kg, 311c/kg, $1210/head; Te Awa Farm, Tikokino, five ang, av weight, 339kg, 325c/kg, $1105/head; five the same, av weight, 309kg, 286c/kg, $883/head; T and N Kuter, Patoka, six fries, av weight, 346kg 245c/kg, $850/head. Wnr, J Thompson, Puketapu, five here and ang, av weight, 199kg, 394c/kg, $785/head; A Scott, four here-cross, av weight, 446kg, 293c/kg, $1310/head.
Bulls: G Gardiner, Puketapu, eight R3 here-fries, av weight, 571kg, 279c/kg, $1595/head; R2, H Gilbertson, Patangata, five here-fries, av weight, 293kg, 273c/kg, $800/head; eight the same, av weight, 309kg, 302c/kg, $935/head; Kairangoa, Elsthorpe, five fries-cross, av weight, 321kg, 261c/kg, $840/head; J Gemmell, Raupunga, nine ang-cross, av weight, 308kg, 296c/kg, $915/head. Wnr, Springhill Dairies, Wakarara, 11 here-fries, av weight, 181kg, 404c/kg, $735/head; eight the same, av weight, 180kg, 379c/kg, $685/head; 12 fries, av weight, 146kg, 429c/kg, $630/head; 14 the same, av weight, 148kg, 327c/kg, $485/head.
Heifers: R3, G and K Matches, Glengarry Rd, 13 ang and ang-here, av weight, 430kg, 287c/kg, $1235/head; Waipoapoa Station, Maraetotara, 10 here, av weight, 483kg, 279c/kg, $1350/head. R2, Awakere Farm, Crownthorpe, 12 ang, av weight, 296kg, 324c/kg, $960/head; Te Awa Farm, Tikokino, 11 ang, av weight, 297kg, 309c/kg, $920/head; J and A Robinson, Ormondville, five ang, av weight, 327kg, 304c/kg, $995/head; Wedd Farming, Puketitiri, six sth dev-cross, av weight, 440kg, 286c/kg, $1260/head; Lazy Acres, Puketapu, five here-fries, av weight, 407kg, 291c/kg, $1185/head. Wnr, Springhill Dairies, Wakarara, 17 here-fries, av weight, 123kg, 470c/kg, $580/head; 14 here-cross, av weight, 130kg, 382c/kg, $500/head; Rangitupae, Tikokino, six here-cross, av weight, 210kg, 358c/kg, $752/head; J Thompson, Puketapu, six ang and ang-here, av weight, 204kg, 369c/kg $755/head.

Ewes: Rawiri Farm Taupo, 76 rom 2th, $136; 10 the same, $109; Te Tehi, Wairoa, 86 m/a, $95; 20 m/a, $63; B Chrystal, Tutira, 70 m/a, $75.
Lambs: Puhoro Station, Ruakituri, 242 c/o, $96.50; 183 male, $93; Ohuka Station, Ohuka, 124 male, $93.50; 167 b/f ewe, $94; 124 b/f ewe, $86.50; Mangatawhiti Station, Ohuka, 201 male, $94.50; 48 ewe, $89; Tukemokihi, Wairoa, 81 male, $96; 288 male, $86; 182 ewe, $76.50; 64 male, $93; 174 ram, $81.50; 60 m/s, $75.50; 41 ewe, $83.50; Rangatira E, 236 ewe, $93.50; 73 ewe, $87; Pukenui Station, Ashley Clinton, 220 b/f c/o, $98; 89 b/f ewe, $95; Pukerua Farm, Te Uri, 147 c/o, $103.50; 171 male, $99.50; 77 b/f m/s, $100; 120 c/0, $93; Shannon Station, Ohuka, 289 ewe, $87; 186 ewe, $86.50; Brancott Farm, Glenross, 215 ewe, $89; Owahanga Station, Pongaroa, 349 ewe, $80; 225 ewe, $76.75; 61 male $79; Glenview Farming, Aropaoanui, 195 ewe, $94; Oanui, Kairakau, 110 c/o, $98; 70 c/o, $91; D and M Farming, Ongaonga, 64 b/f male, $96.50; 99 b/f male, $88; 117 b/f ewe, $83; 57 ewe, $93; 177 ewe, $80.50; 31 male, $76.50; Paringahau Station, Te Karaka, 70 ram, $86; 80 ewe, $77; 216 ram, $80.50; 174 ewe, $76; 71 ram, $65; 73 ewe, $60; 92 m/s, $70.50; 80 m/s, $60; 47 m/s, $61; Taramoa Farm, Puketitiri, 92 c/o, $95.50; Claremont Trust, Awamate, 146 ewe, $86.590; 38 ewe, $74; Anewa Station, Wairoa, 83 m/s, $80; Inangatahi P/ship, Puketitiri, 62 m/s, $103; 82 m/s, $85; B Kent, Taradale, 45 b/f m/s, $100; P and J Lee, Waipukurau, 25 b/f m/s , $103.

Prime sale

A small yarding of ewes sold well at Monday's prime sale.

There were about 500 sheep on offer and even the light ones made $73 as processors keep plants working.

The 165 mostly quality lambs on offer were up on last week as schedules have risen.

There were no cattle on offer.

Ewes: Slipe, heavy, $110; good, $100 to $103; med, $86.50 to $96; lighter, $73 to $75. Shorn, good, $107; med, $83, 2th, $84 to $89.50.
Lambs: Male, $94 to $109.50; b/f, $103 to $125.50. Ewe, $89 to $99; b/f, $93.50 to $126. M/s b/f, $99 to $123.50.