The Stratford TSB Pool has re-opened after being closed over the Christmas period.

Director of assets at Stratford District Council Sven Hanne says the closure was to allow for the pool to be repainted after paint started peeling off the sides and floor of the pool.

The paint, which had been applied last year as part of the pool's $500,000 upgrade, had not cured properly Sven says.

"So the contractor has repainted it at no further cost to rate-payers." With the pool closed from December 20, the opportunity was also used to do some other necessary work at the complex.


The pool re-opened at the end of last week, in time for youngsters to enjoy the last week of their holidays cooling down in the water.

Local parent Le-Arna Russ, who was there with her children and their friends just a couple of days after the re-opening, says they have missed the pool while it has been closed.

"We use it a lot, so are glad it is open again."

Lani Rova (7) says she is "just happy I can swim here again now" and planned to use it a lot in the next week.