Athletes in the 21st century usually stick to a strict diet throughout challenging tournaments to keep their body at optimal performance, but then again, Roger Federer isn't like many others.

The 35-year-old family man revealed his secret diet to Jim Courier after defeating Tomas Berdych in straight-sets.

"I like my ice cream, I like my chocolate. That's my diet," he said without an ounce of shame.

"I like my treats, I don't feel bad about it, I like it I can do it and play tennis at the same time."


It appears the sugar intake isn't taking a hit on the former world No.1's physique, remaining thin and fit throughout his 19-year professional career.

"I tell you what, you make me feel bad about it," Courier replied. "Look at you, 35 years old playing like that, get out of here Roger Federer. We'll see you in a couple of nights."

Federer fans were biting their nails as he approached the court to play world No.10 Tomas Berdych in the third round.

The Swiss master put on a masterclass in the first two sets, displaying his former finesse as he worked his opponent around the court.

If there was any fault in the 35-year-old's match, it was being easily broken by Berdych's powerful baseline play in the third set - but it didn't seem to bother the world No.17 too much.

Federer blasted his way through to take the win in straight-sets, a feat that saw him escape a looming 16-year low in his career.

If he lost in the third round, Federer's ATP ranking would have dropped out of the top 30, a region not seen by the former champion since January 2001.

He will now take on Kei Nishikori in the fourth round, a prospect Federer says he's looking forward to.

"I guess I'm ready now," he said. "There's no turning back now, so I like Kei. I've always been a fan of his game, he's a nice kid. He's had a great few seasons, last year I followed him closely.

"I remember when he was 17, we played in Japan, I don't know, he's just a good guy. I'm happy to play against him.

"He has maybe the best backhand in the business now, I've got my work cut out. I hope I can play a good match."