Nadene Lomu has been removed as a shareholder of two of her late husband's companies.

Companies Office records show Nadene Lomu's shares in Stylez Ltd and Wesley Holdings Ltd have been erased and placed back into the name of Jonah Lomu. She has also been removed as a director of Stylez. Both companies were 100 per cent owned by Lomu at the time of his death on November 18.

Public documents show Nadene Lomu was an "authorised person" but had no stake in the ownership of Stylez before January 4, almost two months after Lomu died.

On January 4, she made multiple changes to Stylez, at one time increasing her shareholding to 99 per cent before scaling it back to 50 per cent.


She also changed the ownership of Wesley Holdings, dropping Lomu's shareholding completely and listing herself as the 100 per cent shareholder.

Lomu's will left trademarks, property and any other wealth in control of his long-time lawyer Chris Darlow, through Stylez and Wesley Holdings. Mr Darlow told the Herald on Sunday last month he had seen the ownership changes, was "surprised by them" and was "making the appropriate inquiries".

Mr Darlow confirmed this week he has now shifted Companies Office records back again.

"I've chosen to restore the register to what it should have been."

Mr Darlow said it could still take months for Lomu's will to be executed.

"There's quite a bit of work to be done still," he said. Nadene Lomu was approached for comment and did not respond.