College sport: Hamilton BHS end season in style

By Terry Maddaford

School rowers look forward to well-earned rest after more enthralling Maadi Cup action on Lake Karapiro.

Students from Hamilton Boys' High School perform a haka after their victory in the Maadi Cup.  Photo / Getty Images
Students from Hamilton Boys' High School perform a haka after their victory in the Maadi Cup. Photo / Getty Images

Mums and dads around the country have happily turned the alarm clocks off and can again look forward to some well-earned sleep after countless early starts in getting budding oarsmen and oarswomen to morning training in preparation for the annual Maadi Cup regatta.

About 2500 of New Zealand's best young rowers were in action on Lake Karapiro last week in one of the most competitive events on the secondary school's sporting calendar.

In the end the loudest cheers and honours went to Hamilton BHS, for their hard-fought win over Napier BHS in the under-18 eights and with it the Maadi Cup, and St Margaret's College who had a little easier triumph in their under-18 eights for the Levin Jubilee Cup.

The regatta again produced the very best in on-water competition with honours well spread.

Hamilton BHS pipped St Margaret's for the Star Trophy as the overall points winners with EGGS (sixth equal) the best of the Auckland schools.

Dunedin's Kavanagh College claimed the Presidents Scull as the top sculling school.

Little surprise really in that as Zoe McBride won the under-18 singles, teamed with Hannah Duggan to win the double sculls, the lightweight double sculls and joined Caitlin Buist, Anna O'Leary and cox Phoebe McBride in winning the quadruple sculls.

John Parnell, who coached all those crews, was awarded the Bill Eady Cup for his outstanding effort.

Mike Stanley, heavily involved with rowing since his school days at WBHS and selected for the ill-fated 1980 Moscow Olympics before competing four years later in Los Angeles, is continually encouraged by the depth he sees at the Maadi Cup regatta.

"Around 15 to 20 per cent of those who compete for their schools continue in rowing with almost every future international coming through the school system," said Stanley.

"The close association between many of the leading rowing schools and clubs play a vital part in this.

"There are now more avenues for those who want to carry on after school," said Stanley. "A number now go to universities in America, something that was not available in my day.

"Rowing is a big summer sport in New Zealand for schools all around the country with most rowers later coming under the umbrella of Rowing New Zealand having come through the school system," said Stanley.

In Lake Karapiro and Lake Ruataniwha rowing has two world class venues which play a major part in their success.

While rowers (and their mum and dad taxi drivers), apart from those who will go on to the high performance programme, can look forward to a break come term four they will be back on the water getting ready for their next trip to one of the most popular events on the secondary schools sporting calendar.


(Meadowlands Reserve)
Points after round-robin: AGS, One Tree Hill College 10, Glendowie 8, Cambridge HS, St Kentigern 6, Botany Downs 2, Glenfield 0.
Final: One Tree Hill College 4 AGS 1. 3rd/4th, Glendowie 12 Cambridge HS 7.
Tournament team: Zach Peterson (Botany Downs), Connor Gleeson (Glendowie), Matt Van Sant (Cambridge HS), Jack Malcolm, Will Toogood (AGS), Yuki Hiroto, Kohei Ueha, Ryoya Ichikawa (One Tree Hill College), Jordan Hosking (St Kentigern), Hayato Uchida (Glenfield).
Tournament MVP: Ichikawa.

Two-day championship, round two (second day).-
Sacred Heart 260 (Tom Ritchie 46, Glen Phillips 72, Josh McKinnon 87; Aditya Edekar 3-101) beat St Kentigern 181 (Chad Crenfeldt-Smith 43, Jared Schnell 37) on 1st innings.
AGS 241 (Ben Rainger 60, James McKenzie 39, Jonno Burkin 57; Clayton Floyd 3-36, Nic Montgomery 3-21) beat WBHS 186 (Dylan Steyn 66, Mitchell Atkins 44; McKenzie Fraser 3-50, James Belz 3-38) on 1st innings.
Rosmini 123 and 136 (Connor Ridge 32; Nathan Harlow 4-33) lost to MAGS 137/7 dec and 125/3 (Amit Dhadwal 63no, Jared Donnell 32) outright by seven wkts.
Points: MAGS 8, AGS 4, St Kentigern, Sacred Heart 2, WBHS, Rosmini 0.
Two-day plate.-
Rangitoto 264/9 (Felix Dewe 50, Ullrich Boshoff 55, Nelson Tillman 36) beat Avondale 110 (Patrick Thomson 5-20) and 184/4 (Wynand Classens 102, Mark Van Tillburg 31, Harshal Vyas 30no) on 1st innings.
St Peters 207 and 230/2 (Josh Plummer 77, Eddie Webster 50, Jack Parsons 56no) beat Macleans 174 (Liam Winn 44, Harry Palmer 50, Ian V 39; Cameron Jones 5-31) and 231/2 (Marky Bhattacharya 95, Winn 75no) on 1st innings.
KBHS 270 (J Challis. 102, Jack Coombes 71; Scott Bevin 3-53, Mitchell Murray 3-59) lost to Kings 271/5 (Ben Hall 103, Mitchell Murray 45, Charles Bevin 32) on 1st innings.
Points: Rangitoto 4, Kings, Avondale, Macleans, St Peters 2, KBHS 0.

Day three (final).-
Auckland B 282 (Jack Leggat 115, James Belz 30; Zach Gibson 5-56) beat Northern Select 201 (C Beatson 51, H Jenkins 31; B Bakkerus 3-23) by 82 runs.
Canterbury 168 (H Chamberlain 47; Jamie Hall 6-34) lost to Auckland A 169/3 (Jarrod Baker 75, Glen Phillips 30) by 7 wkts.
Final points: Auckland A 7, Canterbury, Auckland B 4, Northern select 1.
Player of tournament: Leggat.

Auckland, division one: St Kentigern 1 117 Botany Downs 1 113; AGS 1 119 Macleans 1 114.
Division two: St Kentigern 2 117 AGS 2 109; St Peters 125 Lynfield 124; AGS 3 131 Macleans 2 123.
Division three: KBHS 154 AGS 4 147; Green Bay 165 Strathallan 142.
North Harbour, cross-overs: Wentworth 114 WBHS 1 104; Rangitoto 2 131 WBHS 2 119.

(Lake Karapiro)
Double sculls: Whakatane HS 7m 02.32s 1, Roncalli College 7m 05.30s 2, Christchurch BHS 7m 05.66s 3.
Coxed four: Hamilton BHS 1 7m 02.47s 1, Hamilton BHS 2 7m 07.85s 2, St Pauls Collegiate 7m 08.81s 3.
Coxed quad: AGS 6m 46.18s 1, Marlborough BC 6m 47.52s 2, Hamilton BHS 6m 05.77s 3.
Eights: Hamilton BHS 6m 22.58s 1, Marlborough BC 6m 23.63s 2, Sacred Heart College 6m 31.58s 3.
Single sculls: Mt Aspiring College 7m 41.83s 1, Onslow College 7m 42.88s 2, Liston College 7m 46.63s 3.
Double sculls: Whakatane HS 6m 57.07s 1, Lindisfarne College 7m 01.15s 2, St Peters School 7m 02.58s 3.
Coxed four: Hamilton BHS 1 6m 50.21s 1, Hamilton BHS 2 6m 52.09s 2, Onslow College 6m 52.74s 3.
Coxed quad: St Peters School 6m 36.22s 1, St Andrews College 6m 39.84s 2, Whakatane HS 6m 40.14s 3.
Eights: St Bedes College 6m 02.74s 1, Hamilton BHS 6m 08.16s 2, Christs College 6m 16.55s 3.
Singles sculls: Kavanagh College 7m 18.72s 1, Nelson College 7m 18.95s 2, Timaru BHS 7m 19.10s 3.
Doubles sculls: Whakatane HS 6m 54.97s 1, Waimea College 6m 58.60s 2, Western Heights HS 7m 00.14s 3.
Coxed four: Western Heights HS 6m 35.95s 1, Wanganui Collegiate 6m 36.67s 2, St Bedes College 6m 39.02s 3.
Coxed quad: Kings College 6m 35.21s 1, Hamilton BHS 6m 37.35s 2, St Peters School 6m 39.08s 3.
Eights: St Bedes College 6m 05.66s 1, Hamilton BHS 6m 07.93s 2, Christs College 6m 10.34s 3.
Single sculls: Queen Charlotte College 7m 09.43s 1, Kavanagh College 7m 11.83s 2, Rutherford College 7m 13.20s 3.
Doubles sculls: Tauranga BC 6m 47.53s 1, James Hargest College 6m 50.31s 2, Whakatane HS 6m 52.33s 3.
Lightweight double sculls: Cambridge HS 6m 53.54s 1, St Johns College 6m 57.09s 2, Tauranga BC 6m 59.24s 3.
Pair oar: AGS 6m 46.15s 1, Hamilton BHS 6m 46.44s 2, WBHS 6m 58.33s 3.
Novice double sculls: John Paul College 7m 03.78s 1, St Bedes College 7m 06.27s 2, Christchurch BHS 7m 13.98s 3.
Coxed four: Hamilton BHS 6m 31.71s 1, AGS 6m 32.26s 2, Napier BHS 6m 34.35s 3.
Novice coxed four: Wakatipu HS 6m 41.07s 1, Wanganui Collegiate 6m 43.41s 2, St Bedes 6m 47.59s 3.
Lightweight coxed four: WBHS 6m 47.58s 1, St Johns College 6m 49.51s 2, Sacred Heart College 6m m53.27s 3.
Coxed quad: Tauranga BC 6m 28.01s 1, St Kentigern 6m 32.07s 2, St Peters School 6m 32.94s 3.
Eights (Maadi Cup): Hamilton BHS 5m 54.76s 1, Napier BHS 5m 54.95s 2, WBHS 5m 58.47s 3.

Double sculls: Nelson College 7m 45.83s 1, Wanganui HS 7m 50.06s 2, Hillcrest HS 7m 53.25s 3.
Coxed four: Hillcrest HS 7m 41.89s 1, St Margarets 7m 48.14s 2, Rangi Ruru GS 7m 53.04s 3.
Coxed quad: Hillcrest HS 7m 28.65s 1, Nelson College 7m 29.81s 2, Dunstan HS 7m 31.60s 3.
Eights: Waikato Diocesan 7m 01.96s 1, St Margarets 7m 04.96s 2, EGGS 7m 06.81s.
Single sculls: St Kevins College 8m 20.91s 1, Kavanagh College 8m 21.65s 2, Gisborne GHS 8m 27.00s 3.
Double sculls: Roncalli College 7m 46.22s 1, St Kevins College 7m 47.01s 2, Southland GHS 7m 51.73s 3.
Coxed four: WGHS 7m 25.04s 1, St Margarets 7m 26.98s 2, Rangi Ruru GS 7m 33.01s 3.
Coxed quad: Roncalli College 7m 20.51s 1, Glendowie College 7m 25.36s 2, Christchurch GHS 7m 26.54s 3.
Eights: Waikato Diocesan 7m 03.81s 1, St Margarets 7m 06.74s 2, WGHS 7m 08.05s 3.
Single sculls: Woodford House 8m 14.44s 1, Ashburton College 8m 15.34s 2, Queen Charlotte College 8m 15.64s 3.
Double sculls: EGGS 7m 35.55s 1, St Peters School 7m 40.78s 2, Ashburton College 7m 41.87s 3.
Coxed four: St Margarets 7m 20.30s 1, Craighead Diocesan 7m 21.71s 2, Waikato Diocesan 7m 22.17s 3.
Coxed quad: Western Heights HS 7m 24.86s 1, Rangi Ruru GS 7m 24.99s 2, Wanganui HS 7m 27.90s 3.
Eights: Waikato Diocesan 6m 44.75s 1, Craighead Diocesan 6m 49.76s 2, Sacred Heart GC 6m 53.23s 3.
Single sculls: Kavanagh College 7m 55.62s 1, Woodford House 8m 01.37s 2, Napier GHS 8m 01.59s 3.
Double sculls: Kavanagh College 7m 18.31s 1, EGGS 7m 22.63s 2, Craighead Diocesan 7m 29.27s 3.
Lightweight double sculls: Kavanagh College 7m 27.73s 1, EGGS 7m 32.01s 2, St Margarets 7m 49.49s 3.
Novice doubles sculls: Waikato Diocesan 7m 56.55s 1, St Peters School 7m 57.41s 2, Bethlehem College 8m 01.61s 3.
Pair oar: St Margarets 7m 39.38s 1, Craighead Diocesan 7m 52.65s 2, WGHS 7m 57.32s 3.
Coxed four: St Margarets 7m 17.94s 1, Waikato Diocesan 7m 24.22s 2, Craighead Diocesan 7m 24.94s 3.
Novice coxed four: Waikato Diocesan 7m 34.17s 1, Hillcrest HS 7m 45.77s 2, WGHS 7m 50.79s 3.
Coxed quad: Kavanagh College 7m 10.07s 1, Diocesan 7m 17.44s 2, Southland GHS 7m 17.61s 3.
Lightweight coxed four: St Margarets 7m 36.49s 1, EGGS 7m 47.92s 2, Tauranga GC 7m 52.64s 3.
Eights (Levin 75th Jubilee Cup): St Margarets 6m 43.23s 1, Waikato Diocesan 6m 47.84s 2, Craighead Diocesan 6m 51.14s 3.

Star Trophy (overall points): Hamilton BHS 44 1, St Margarets 38 2, Waikato Diocesan 32 3, Kavanagh College 31 4, Whakatane HS 17 5, EGGS, St Bedes 15 equal 6, Hillcrest HS, St Peters School 14 equal 8, AGS, Roncalli College 13 equal 10.
Executive Trophy (sweep oar champions): Hamilton BHS 40pts 1, St Margarets 37 2, Waikato Diocesan 27 3, St Bedes 12 4, Craighead Diocesan 11 5, AGS, WGHS, Hillcrest HS 8 equal 6, WBHS 7 9, Wanganui Collegiate 6 10.
Presidents Scull (sculling champions): Kavanagh College
Simon Briggs Cup (coxswain of the regatta): Hayden Shaw (Hamilton BHS).
Bill Eady Cup (Rowing NZ junior coach of the year): John Parnell (Kavanagh College).

National boys under-15.-
Winners, Rotorua BHS; runners-up, Hamilton BHS. 3rd, Gisborne BHS. 4th, NP BHS. Plate, winners, Hastings BHS; runners-up, KBHS. 3rd, Tauranga BC. 4th, WBHS. Bowl, winners, Tu Toa; runners-up, Opotiki College. 3rd, Te Wharekura o Mauao. 4th, Kerikeri HS. Shield, winners, Trident HS; runners-up, Taupo Nui-a-Tia College. 3rd, Te Kuiti HS. 4th, John Paul College.

North Island girls.-
Winners, Feilding HS; runners-up, Hamilton GHS. 3rd, Tauranga GC A. 4th, Long Bay College. Plate, winners, Opotiki College; runners-up, Rotorua GHS. 3rd, Morrinsville College. 4th, Mahurangi HS. Bowl, winners, Kerikeri HS; runners-up, Tauranga GC B.

(Meadowlands Reserve)
Final standings: Pakuranga 1, Wellington East GC 2, Hamilton GHS 3, Aorere 4, MAGS 5, Hillmorton HS 6, EGGS 7, James Cook HS 8,
Top batter: Zoe Tolhopf (Pakuranga).
To catcher: Mereana Monk (Hamilton GHS).
Top pitcher: Tyneesha Houkamou (Pakuranga).
MVP: Cassie Siataga (Hillmorton).
Tournament Team.-
Houkamou, Tyler Downs (Hamilton GHS), Holly Jacobs (Wellington East GC), Monk, Nik-Cole Paea (Aorere), Rebekah Carter (Wellington East GC), Misha Puleitu (Wellington East GC), Mereana Makea (Wellington East GC), Tereapii Tourangi (Aorere), Alison Mohi (Aorere), Melanie Gallagher (EGGS), Siataga, Marama Makea (Wellington East GC), Kendall Iti (EGGS), Emily Plunkett (Wellington East GC), Stirling Walker-Pitman (Hamilton GHS), Tolhopf.
Final standings:
MAGS 1, Nelson College 2, Marlborough BC 3, St Peters College 4, Hamilton BHS 5, Hastings BHS 6, Upper Hutt College 7, Northcote College 8.
Top batter: Tarek Lakbal (Hamilton BHS).
Top catcher: Maddox Rice (St Peters).
Top pitcher: Liam Twigden (MAGS).
MVP: Luke Bowers (Nelson).
Tournament Team.-
Twigden, Seth Borgois (MAGS), Bowers, Rice, Khalid Gilbert (Hamilton BHS), Jacob Zurcher (Hastings BH), Cole Wardope (MAGS), Vinny Whittington (Nelson), Cole Evans (MAGS), Joseph Kohlhase (St Peters), Vinny Harris (Hamilton BHS), Lakbal, Nixon Kim (Marlborough BC), Quin Tupaea (Hamilton BHS), Cooper Hutchinson (MAGS), Tailah Love (Marlborough BC).

A1 (final round, top four teams in each grade qualify for semifinals in term four).-
Senior boys: St Kentigern 6 WBHS 3, Sacred Heart 8 Kings 1, AGS 7 MAGS 2.
Points: St Kentigern 48, WBHS 42, AGS 37, Sacred Heart 21, Kings 13, MAGS 4.
Intermediate boys: St Kentigern 5 Kings 4, AGS 9 MAGS 0, WBHS 7 Sacred Heart 2. Points: AGS 51, St Kentigern 43, Kings 31, WBHS 23, Sacred Heart 15, MAGS 2.
Junior boys: AGS 1 8 St Kentigern 1, Kings 5 AGS 2 4, Macleans 7 Sacred Heart 2. Points: AGS 1 53, St Kentigern, Kings 31, AGS 2 29, Macleans 15, Sacred Heart 6.
Senior girls: St Kentigern 1 9 WGHS 0, St Kentigern 2 8 St Cuthberts 1, EGGS 5 MAGS 4. Points: St Kentigern 1 53, WGHS 38, St Kentigern 2 35, St Cuthberts 16, MAGS 11, EGGS 10.
Intermediate girls: St Kentigern 5 Baradene 4, St Cuthberts 6 TGS 3, EGGS 8 Macleans 1. Points: St Kentigern, St Cuthberts 37, Baradene, EGGS 26, TGS 23, Macleans 16.
Junior girls: St Kentigern 9 EGGS 0, St Cuthberts 9 Diocesan 0, Baradene 1 9 Baradene 2 0. Points: Baradene 1 52, St Kentigern 42, St Cuthberts 37, Diocesan 16, EGGS 12, Baradene 2 6.

(Pegasus, Christchurch)
Yr 7 (150m swim, 8km bike, 1.6km run): Molly Leckie (St Margarets) 29m 27s 1, Sophie Wilkinson (Baradene) 29m 51s 2, Kate Stoddart (Cashmere Primary) 29m 54s 3.
Yr 8 (150m swim, 8km bike, 1.6km run): Kendall Vaughan (St Cuthberts) 26m 04s 1,
Charlotte Dingemans (Cambridge Middle School) 26m 27s 2, Dana Purdy (Whakowongo School) 26m 33s 3.
Under-14 (350m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run): Ari Graham (St Andrews) 35m 31s 1,
Arlia Schurr (Christchurch GHS) 36m 31s 2, Gorgi Van Lienen (PNGHS) 37m 23s 3.
Under-16 (500m swim, 15km bike, 4km run): Jaimee Leader (PNGHS) 49m 45s 1, Tessa McNair (TGS) 49m 59s 2, Elizabeth Stannard (PNGHS) 51m 43s 3.
Under-19 (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run): Nicole van der Kaay (Taupo Nui-a-Tia) 1h 07m 34s 1, Alana Lythe (WGHS) 1h 07m 51s 2, Laura Steffens (St Andrews) 1h 10m 09s 3.
Yr 7 (150m swim, 8km bike, 1.6km run): Callum Hancock (Wellesley College) 24m 54s 1, Kiaan Watts (Hilltop School) 25m 24s 2, Archie Ritchie (Remarkables Primary) 25m 46s 3.
Yr 8 (150m swim, 8km bike, 1.6km run): Dylan McCullogh (St Kentigern) 23m 28s 1, Gregor Findlay (Mt Aspiring College) 24m 15s 2, Saxon Morgan (St Andrews Prep School) 24m 18s 3.
Under-14 (350m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run): Kaleb Wright (Lindisfarne) 33m 48s 1, Henry Gautrey (Hutt International) 34m 17s 2, Janus Staufenberg (Mt Aspiring College) 34m 23s 3.
Under-16 (500m swim, 15km bike, 4km run): Kyle Smith (Taupo Nui-a-Tia College) 45m 32s 1, Dan Hoy (WBHS) 46m 04s 2, Liam Ward (St Kentigern) 46m 46s 3.
Under-19 (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run): Tayler Reid (Gisborne BHS) 1h 00m 28s 1, Callum Ross (AGS) 1h 03m 17s 2, Sam Esltob (St Bedes) 1h 03m 36s 3.

(Arena Manawatu, Palmerston North)
Division one, final, Tauranga BC 3 Western Heights 0 (26-24, 25-17, 25-19); ¾, Nelson College 3 Otumoetai 1; 5/6, Trident HS 3 Orewa College 0; 7/8, WBHS 3 Whakatane HS 0; 9/10, De La Salle 3 Shirley BHS 2; 11/12, One Tree Hill College 2 Mt Maunganui 1; 13/14, Rangitoto 3 Riccarton HS 1; 15/16, Bayfield HS 3 Napier BHS 1.
Tournament team: Jack Salt (WBHS), Mitchell Rutter (Orewa), Liam Matheson, Daryl Lewis (Otumoetai College), Giles Black, Finn Delany (Nelson College), CJ Wyatt (Tikipunga HS), Talor Kahu, Junior Taia (Western Heights HS), Caleb Aperahama, Bradley Fullerton (Tauranga Boys). MVP: Max Schroeder (Tauranga Boys).
Division two, final, Tikipunga HS 3 Waimea College 2; ¾, Hamilton BHS 3 Nayland College 0.
Division one, final, Otumoetai College 3 Christchurch GHs 1 (25-20, 22-25, 28-26, 25-20); ¾, Marlborough GC 3 WGHS 0; 5/6, Mt Maunganui College 3 Waimea College 1; 7/8, Trident HS 3 Manurewa HS 0; 9/10, Burnside HS 2 Tauranga GC A 2; 11/12, McAuley HS 3 Orewa 0; 13/14, Mangere College 3 Tauranga GC B 0; 15/16, Whakatane HS 3 Tikipunga HS 1.
Tournament team: Georgie Crawford, Alex Parker (Marlborough GC), Marietta Tekori (Manurewa HS), Bethany Hayman (WGHS), Claudia Colenso-Neenee (Mt Maunganui), Stephanie Pingyin (Burnside HS), Freya Watson (Waimea College), Abbey Meredith, Claudia Richardson, Kelcy Ballantyne (Otumoetai), Gabby Edmondson (Christchurch GHS). MVP: Tessa McMeeken-Boagni (Christchurch GHS).
Division two, final, Rangitoto 3 Hastings GHS 1; ¾, Bethlehem College 3 Wayland College 1.

Boys, division one, final placings.-
WBHS 1, AGS 2, Sacred Heart 3, Rangitoto 4, St Bernards 5, Kristin 6, Kings 7, Hamilton BHS 8, Tauranga Boys' College 9, PNBHS 10, St Kentigern 11, MAGS 12, St Patricks Wellington 13, Northcote 14, Green Bay HS 15.
MVP: Mitchell Goff (WBHS).
Most outstanding: Tim Tolley (AGS), Ben Casey (Sacred Heart), Logan Hohaia (WBHS).
Girls, division one, final placings.-
Rangitoto 1, Diocesan 2, Wellington East GC 3, St Cuthberts 4, WGHS 5, Baradene 6, EGGS 7, Kristin 8, Mt Maunganui College 9, Hamilton GHS 10, TGS 11, Queen Margaret College 12, St Mary's College 13, St Kentigern 14, Sacred Heart College (Hamilton) 15.
MVP: Annabel Harman (Diocesan).
Most outstanding: Taylor Sheehan (Rangitoto), Selina Duggan (Wellington East), Ema Carevic (Rangitoto).
Boys, division two, final placings.-
St Peters College 1, TGS 2, Aquinas College 3, Rosmini 4, Western Springs 5, Glendowie 6, MRGS, Avondale equal 7, Long Bay 9, Rutherford 10, Waitakere 11.
Girls, division two, final placings.-
Carmel 1, MAGS 2, Western Springs 3, Marist 4, Avondale 5, Green Bay HS 6. MVP: Samantha Sheldrake (Carmel).

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