: Looking at Chris you wouldn't think he could to the splits, but boy can he...

. He explains: "I'm just an ordinary guy who enjoys the freedom of flexibility. All my flexibility is self taught. I have had no hands on, or professional training. I have never participated in any sports. As a child, I was never flexible. I remember when I was in elementary school sitting in the hallway with my back against the wall, I could barely keep my legs straight out in front of my body without bending my knees. (Making a "L" shape) I didn't start stretching until I was around 15. I also enjoy video gaming."

Politics can be hilarious: If you haven't heard the now infamous call between John Banks and Radio Live reporter Frances Cook, you must listen to it now. It is one of the funniest thing I have ever heard. If you came to this cold, you'd think it was a scripted comedy.

Ego or sense of humour? Ice cubes shaped like Richard Branson's head.
Video: Russian man investigates the depth of a pothole...


Video Bomber: Woman with a cold interrupts taping of a news story in Chicago. (Warning: Contains expectoration)

Good news story: Ikuo Yokoyama lost his home and three family members in the Japanese tsunami last year. He also lost a Harley-Davidson motorcycle he kept in the back of a van, which floated across the Pacific Ocean and was found by Peter Mark, in British Columbia, on an beach. It was in ok condition, and Harley-Davidson plans to restore it and ship it back to Yokoyama. Read about it here.
Chilling out: This song is the most relaxing song, apparently. So relaxing that motorists have now been warned they should not listen to it while driving.
Video: Compilation of great actors in their very first roles. And here's the sequel.

PSA: How do you convince people not to text and drive? In Brussels they tell their young drivers they have to pass a 'texting while driving' test to pass their driver's licenses.

Trashy: Tanorexic mother charged with child endangerment after her five-year-old daughter is burnt on a tanning bed. (This comedian explains the whole sorry saga)

Cuteness: Identical twins 9-month-old twins are good at sharing...