When do you decide to chuck, discard, toss or burn that once-loved 'go-to' garment? What is the indicator, the shock factor, that a treasured piece of clothing, once so comfortable, is no longer aesthetically or physically pleasing to wear.

What is the turning point??

Was it that painful day when those favourite black trousers turned into nibbling hipsters, despite constant adjustment, or the knee-length skirt concertinaed into a mini?

Was it the outing when the zip or seam gave way, or you spied your reflection in the mirror and hoped it was your sister?


So you've gained weight!!!

Let's not beat yourself up about it. It hasn't been a miserable transition really has it?

You weren't forced to indulge in Christmas cake, chocolate or wine and essentially it doesn't change who you are. In the majority of cases, no one, other than yourself, can actually notice anyway, unless of course you announce it to the universe, which gives everyone permission to make comment:

"Oink oink." Lol.

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See you there.