There's no need for a boarding pass tomorrow - just grab your helmet and bike and head to the Rotorua Airport to ride the runway.

After the runaway success of last year's Runway Project, Rotorua Bike Festival organisers are set to let the event fly all over again.

Last year 1400 people took to the tarmac and it's set to be even better this year, with organisers bringing in entertainment, more bike activities and fabulous food.

From 1.30pm three bands, Albi and The Wolves with Zarek, Strangely Arousing, and The Bollands will play throughout the afternoon.


Starting from 3.15pm a compulsory briefing will take place and three events are set for take off.

The first event is the QE Health Ride the Runway and is open to the general public, giving bikers over the age of 4 the chance to cruise the super smooth tarmac.

Although speeds are restricted to 20km/h, there is plenty of scope for riders to have fun and do as many laps as they want in the one hour free time.

A new event this year is the Holland Beckett Lawyers People's Flying Kilo.

Participants in the Ride the Runway, at Rotorua Airport, an event of the Bike Festival at Rotorua.
Participants in the Ride the Runway, at Rotorua Airport, an event of the Bike Festival at Rotorua.

It's set for take off at 4.40pm and has been organised to give the general public the chance for a time trial down the 1km stretch.

"The event was designed to broaden the appeal of the day and open it up to the wider community, as we have had feedback that this is something people want," said organiser Jason Cameron.

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The top guns of biking will get their turn next competing in The Holland Beckett Lawyers Elite Flying Kilo for men and women.

This event is by application and participants are selected from the top riders in the country.

This is the chance for spectators to see our top cyclists in action, racing to win prize money and the title of Tarmac Titan.

Organisers are expecting more than 2000 people this year.

However, all participants must be registered and have their bikes safety checked before they take to the tarmac.

To save time and money, they are encouraged to pre-register online.

Once this has been done participants can take their e-ticket, helmet, and bike to either Rotorua Cycle Centre, Cycle Zone, or Bike Barn for safety checking and an event number plate.

- For registration and further details


* What: Ride the Runway

* Where: Rotorua Airport

* When: Tomorrow 1.30pm-5.30pm