Zorb Rotorua has launched its latest attraction with the help of a world champion surfer.

Zorb chief executive Hope Horrocks said after months of secret testing the company was ready to open the "next step in globe riding - the Zurf".

She said the Zurf was an incomparable downhill surfboard-like experience done inside one of their water-filled "Zydros".

The product was launched in Rotorua on Wednesday by 2013 Women's Junior World surfing champion Ella Williams, of Whangamata.


"I love the thrill of riding waves, it's something I do every day," Miss Williams said.

"I am very excited to be the very first on-land Zurfer. What a cool thing to experience."

Ms Horrocks said the Zurf had been developed under the radar and was in production at its manufacturing business in Rotorua where the globes are made.

"After rigorous testing, we now feel confident the product meets our high quality standards," she said.

"We can now show it to the world and I'm very proud of what the team has accomplished and with Ella doing the official launch, that's the ultimate test for us.

"The idea for the Zurf started in the head of one of our staff.

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"We used parts of the staff's couch in our first prototype. When we knew it worked, we bought advanced materials for the second prototype and production model."

She said Zorb had a strong focus on innovation and product development. The entire team was encouraged to come up with ideas to help improve the customer experience and set new standards in adventure tourism.

To mark the launch, the company will donate part of its summer school holiday revenue to the Starship Foundation to support children's health.

Zorb Rotorua will also sponsor Miss Williams on the international surfing scene for the next year. She has been nominated for the Emerging Talent award in the upcoming Halberg Awards.