Herald Rating: 4/5
Address: 256 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby

We came here because

this venerable old Ponsonby institution bagged a thumbs-up from global hipsterdom's fountainhead Tyler Brule, who, in an open love letter to Auckland published on the

Financial Times

' website saluted "the clever crowd who run Dizengoff, with its excellent coffee and superb breakfasts". Right then - I'll have an excellent coffee and a superb breakfast thanks, mate.


Parking was fine on the day, but Ponsonby Rd on a weekend reaches peak parking quicker than you can say "there's one behind the two well-dressed blokes in a convertible Audi".

We walked in and immediately thought they don't seem to have changed the look of this place in years. But it works. Clean, white spaces; busy tables. Dangerously high ratio of television faces to civilians.

The most unusual thing on the menu was quite a bit of it. Chopped liver ($12), labaneh cheese salad ($12), Israel plate ($14.50). The big breakfast is worth noting for its price alone, rolling out of the kitchen at an outrageous $22.50.

We ordered eggs with fried pastrami ($14.50) and eggs benedict with veal sausages ($17.50). The eggs were good and those veal saussies were excellent. Also at our table: a party of four, all eating the mushrooms on toast ($14.50). "Divine," said a woman off the telly. "People come from Wellington just for this."

The coffee was very good, as it should be at a reputable P-Rd joint.

The service was excellent.

We recommend if you come here, don't hold out for bacon.

Overall we thought this place is a banker, but Brule should check out some more cafes next time he's in town.