The supporting role has been an education, and rather enjoyable.

It's finally over. My year-long challenge to be a supportive wife has come to an end and this is the last time I will share with you what have become known in certain circles as "that mad woman's ramblings". A year ago my first column appeared with the promise that I would support my husband.

"I'm going to support you in everything you do," I wrote convincingly at the time. "I'll bring you coffee in bed for a change. I'll cook all the meals, do all the washing and cleaning, host drinks with your clients complete with nibbles, and iron your shirts using home-made starch and lavender water. I'll wake up every morning and say 'What can I do to help you today darling?'." So what have I learned from my 50s housewife-inspired year?

First, I have learned that not one woman my age or younger thought what I was doing was a good idea, nor did they feel the urge to sign up for a similar challenge. Not one woman.

This is a bit disappointing. My friend Kerre McIvor challenges herself to run marathons and climb mountains, and in return she receives floods of emails from women whose lives have been turned around and inspired by her example.


I, on the other hand, have not inspired a single soul.

The second thing I have learned is that few people believe I actually did this challenge.

"Oh, we all know it's just a big ruse. We know that you're just pretending to do it so that you've got something to write about every week. Your husband is actually your slave."

Which is so not true. Just ask my husband. Because out of the two of us he is the one who will be cracking open the champagne, inviting friends around to celebrate, running around the house with a hop, skip and a jump, so delighted is he that I am giving up my challenge.