"Ewen Macdonald was apparently offered employment by some anonymous fellow who can offer ex-convicts work/placement," explains Caroline. "My friend Wheelz wants to offer his availability to that employer (or any other). Wheelz is based in Hamilton but change of location may be possible. My friend is a qualified fencer, has a car and forklift licence, has a good work ethic and can operate a computer. Wheelz is thoughtful, methodical, motivated and will bust a gut to succeed. He is also very punctual and reliable. His unfortunate brush with the law involved an illegal weed. He has been trying to find work since his release in April this year, with no luck." If there is an employer who can help Wheelz, please email Sideswipe for his contact details.

Uncool at school
Hamish writes: "As a student who has just finished secondary school, I can echo the comments made by your correspondent on the lack of recognition for academic achievement in schools. Academic achievement in most is third priority behind sports and arts/culture. This has led to the academically able students becoming the underclass of the school, with the 1st XV captain, and "guitar jocks" on the upper rung. I admit that this is not the case in all schools - I know Hamilton Boys' High School to have exceptional concern for students' academic achievement. What is concerning is that cases like these are exceptions."

Unexpected Motuihe pick-up
A reader writes: "A group of us were packing up after a day at Motuihe Island on Saturday and we must have accidentally grabbed a bag from the people next to us on the pier! This would have been about 4pm-5pm. Unfortunately, we didn't realise this until we were back in Auckland unloading all the bags." If you think the bag is yours, email Sideswipe with details of its contents.

Graeme writes:
Graeme writes: "My wife and I had lunch together and while checking things out down one of the main streets of Napier, she managed to catch a photo of me unawares ..."

Young wood-chopper a winner for charity


The Mosgiel parents who wrote the Trade Me advert featured in Sideswipe, about the teen who chopped a trailer of macrocarpa to earn money to buy an iPad, called to say the auction "has gone ballistic". Someone in Te Puke won the auction at $151 and wants it donated to a senior citizen in Mosgiel.

Picture this: Bear vs bee ...

Music: This Lorde parody is quite amusing... "and we're covered in boils, boils..."
Video: Pouring Molten Aluminium Into An Anthill. The result is a 17 pound, 3 foot tall "sculpture"....

Video: Last week we had the brilliant animated short, Wind. But in Aalesund, Norway that scenario is all too real...

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