Wine to Water' />

is a non-profit aid organisation that brings clean water solutions to countries in need. Founded by former bartender Doc Hendley, the organisation runs wine-tastings and similar events as fund raisers and uses the money to install wells, water transportation systems and build filters in countries with poor water sanitation, using local labour.

Mammoth plans underway

Research is well under way to resurrect that great beast of from the past: the mammoth. Scientists in Russia and Korea have plans to inject mammoth DNA into the egg of an Indian elephant who will act as a surrogate for the extinct species.

Photodynamic therapy


Researchers at MIT have been working on a new form of laser fibre that could eventually enhance 3D display technology, and pose benefits for "photodynamic therapy." The laser may be able to create light displays that will appear differently from different angles - lending itself well to 3D technology because of the need for each of our eyes to perceive a slightly different image. Via Popsci.